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  1. Spoke with Hr and saw my name on the seniority list. Noticed a coworkers name was right above mine . My coworker had mentioned that they called him to schedule a full time rode test. Also noticed that next to both of our names it said " pending ft driving". Should I expect to be called soon too and if so when !!!???!!!????!!!!!

    Just created new account . Was "theupsguy83" using TheKingOfQueens from now on
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    1. 1.
      awaiting decision or settlement.
      "nine cases were still pending"
      synonyms:unresolved, undecided, unsettled, awaiting decision/action, undetermined, open, hanging fire, (up) in the air, on ice, ongoing, outstanding, not done, unfinished,incomplete; More
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  3. BrownTexas

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    So you are asking us all to predict the future for you?!? I'd shoot for something better, like winning powerball numbers.

  4. Lol no I'd just like to know the steps that were taken before any of my fellow Upsers got called up .

    Just created new account . Was "theupsguy83" using TheKingOfQueens from now on.
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    Road test (grammar Nazi). You may or may not get called, depends if they need more. If you were in this Central FL building, you could have 6 months seniority and be called for full time in the next few months. Good luck.
  6. I'll be in driving school within 3-4 weeks !!! Thx for the input my fellow UPS brothas .

    Ps. Holy shiznit I actually spelled road wrong . Didn't notice . Good catch
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    Congrats! They are promoting 75 new FT Package car drivers in the Orlando Hub over the next few months due to the new Day sort they are starting which robbed the package car side of loads of drivers to go Feeder!
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    I couldn't imagine a place having 75 newbies on the road at the same time. Delivery operations will look ugly for months at least.
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  9. Cute-UPS-Man

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    What is the current wait time for fulltime driver in the Orlando hub? I may jump back into "big brown" since my other career choice since leaving isn't looking too bright as of now!
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    I see that someone called you out earlier,...??