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  1. nut-up

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    hello upsers, new here been workin for brown for a while now, my question is, i broke a mirror while temp driving last summer, got charged with it and went back to driving the next day. management asked me to drive over peak i said no cause i had a accident. they said it doesn't matter, that they can get past it. and they asked again this spring, so i told them the same thing. i cant sign a bid to go full time but i can temp? what gives?
    or is this another case of making the rules as they go?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do yourself a favor--take the temp position. The accident will go away.
  3. User Name

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    Nut-up, you should do exactly that. Every time they ask you to go and drive you should because the experience will be invaluable. You will get so much experience which will make you a better driver. Say you work all summer and learn just two or three routes. Well, that is two or three more than you knew before summer started. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to drive to do so, to get that experience. JMO,......
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    If you want a full time drivers job and they ask you to drive temp you better say yes or you might never get a chance to go full time. If they ask you and you keep saying no you might piss someone off and they can makeit so that you will never get through your probation period as a full time driver.

    If I were you I'd not only say yes every time they ask you to drive but keep asking them when they think your be able to go full time. The squeaky wheel gets the most attention.

    Don't worry about a broken mirror. If they didn't want you to drive they wouldn't be asking you to.
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    I totally agree.

    Plus, once you pass any 30 probationary period as a temp,casual,swing,cover driver (whatever term being used in your area), as long as you don't DQ yourself from that position, you wont need to re qualify when you go FT.
  6. bubsdad

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    If you want to be a driver you should never turn down the opportunity to drive. If management let it go what is holding you back? Usually it is the opposite.
  7. nut-up

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    i feel like they are going to hang me out to ry, when i broke the mirror my sup told me to keep working so i drove half the day without a mirror, the center managers boss asked me what happened so i told him and ever since i just feel like he is tryin to set me up. i wanted to work here and drive but im having second thoughts.
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    Three things:

    1. You worked as directed.
    2. It was a mirror ( that was probably replaced same day) Be thankful it wasn't some kid on his bike.
    3. Don't take anything personal. If they wanted you gone..you would be gone.

    Take as many driving opportunities as you can.. The sooner you get back behind the wheel the faster any apprehension you have about driving will disappear.

    Good luck.:happy2:
  9. Baba gounj

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    you broke a mirror.
    you don't want to drive anymore.
    Is this are next generation of employees ?
    This is probably our own fault; we make kids wear helmets to ride a bike, we give them trophies for just showing up a sport games, we teach them that playing a sport is better when there is no winner nor loser.
    We are building a generation of no risk takers.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    I totally agree Baba gounj

    It's like hello kids are going to get hurt, someone always losses and we aren't all great at everything so stop crying because you loss or that johnny is better than you and deal with what hand you got dealt and get on with your life.

    Last winter year I totaled a P500 right after a ice storm I slid on some ice and hit a tree, but finished my route that day with my SUP. A couple of week ago my package car front window got hit with a golfball. Had to back to the center and switch cars out. I as see it **** happens somethings you can control and somethings you can't as long as you learn from the past and become more aware of your surroundings that all that matters.