Full Time hire, wasn't allowed to qualify for 2 years

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    First off this isn't me. This is my co-worker.

    He was hired in 2014 off the street. He wanted to get his 30 days right away, but always got the run arounds from management. (typical right) During this time someone became a full time driver after he did (lower seniority) and was allowed to qualify before him.

    Showing up in the morning, in browns always to be sent home. He would come back in the evening and work local sort at his driver wage, $18.75. Rinse and repeat this scenario for 2 years!! He was never paid a part time rate. He worked 2 full peak seasons as a driver. Then finally in 2016 he was allowed to get his 30 days.

    Now he is very upset at his pay rate progression. Hitting top rate in 2020, 6 years after his original full time hire date.

    Is there any sort of grievance he could file to possibly get back pay or expedite his progression.
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    No you have to go through progression.

    Oh wait, I mean he....
  4. It isn't about how long you worked here, it's about how many days you drove.
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    Yea that's what I've told him. While you're getting screwed that's when you have to get the union involved. Not after the fact. Seriously though, it's not me. I was part time in 2007, waited till 2014 to finally make full time.

    I just figured they might be some sort of set number of days they have to let you get your 30 days. Theoretically they could hire you full time and never let you qualify for 40 years.
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    It could be worse, he could have worked 7 years part-time all under $16 an hour before a bid came up allowing him to start progression.

    I know about 30 drivers with that story!
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    Hired off the street as a driver?

    You have to file a greivance in a timely manner. Too much time has passed if there was one to file.
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    Yea there is the 1 in 6 and most of the time its a supervisor. After I waited 7 years they hired 13 more guys with little to no wait time. This year they kept ALL of our seasonal guys with zero experience.

    The thing is about him is that he almost had his 30 days during that 2 years but they pulled him off his route for no reason. He's a close friend and we're guessing the supervisor at the time simply did not want him. He came to us from Fedex so he already knew how to do the job and knew about 50% of our routes in the building.

    They also aren't counting any of his weeks as progression before 2016. So lets say he have 15 weeks total during those 2 years (random number) none of those days counted. Anyway I figured they may be something. I will post an update with the outcome. Thanks guys stay safe.
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    I hear off the street hires, especially former military, are often the best drivers.

    “You don’t have to know how to load ‘em to deliver ‘em.”
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    Since he qualified his seniority should back date to when he started. And progression starts on the first day of driving. Shouldn't require a grievance, unless management refuses to fix his pay rate. Make a request in writing to have it adjusted, and request any back pay you might be owed. There may be a limit to how far back you can request back pay. Failure on management's part to make the corrections would be grounds for a grievance.
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