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  1. I am aware that each hub, center, geographical location, etc.. is different around the country but will the company create more full time jobs this year (package car, feeders, combos, etc..)? I know last year was a major hiring year for the company, just wondering what you guys think about this year?
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    I have a Magic8Ball on my desk so I asked it your question. The answer...Can not predict now.
  3. Thanks magic! You're the best!!!
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    Hopefully the hiring craze from this past year will continue over into this coming year.
  5. Theres no way a stranger on the internet can give you an idea. You have to talk to someone who may have an idea in your center. In mine we just brought two guys to FT before peak, but there are going to be a slew of retirements this year so the prospects are good. But you may be in a center that kept on seasonals that ruined your chances for a while.

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    My center had a big hiring spree this past calendar year.
    I'm sure most centers will look at the Xmas volume this year and focus on getting their FT driving roster straightened out.
    Some other things UPS has to keep an eye on are Amazon's own attempt at a delivery service and how much Surepost will be diverted to the USPS.

    Bottom line, unless you're at a building at the moment, you will probably not know which areas are hiring until it's too late.
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    Where are you at ?
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    I had dinner with the new CEO a few weeks ago. He told me they are going to hire until all drivers are working 9 hours max a day. Hope to have all automatic trucks within 2 years. Telematics and Orion will be aborted shortly and drivers will have the freedom to do their jobs as they please. Breakfast will be provided 2-3 times a week and a large dinner served once a week. On top of this we will get our old insurance back and all profits will be given back to the employees.
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    They must be starting all this in UPSTATES center
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    No turkeys?
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    Sorry I tried.
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    What, didn't want to give up his brain trust?

  13. I know right! He's a great guy that CEO!!

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