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    Would anyone happen to have a copy of the part time to full time management test?
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    I think we would all like to see that comic book. : )
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    I'd be more interested in WHY anyone would have a copy of this!!!!!
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    I don't have one, but you'll need crayons. No, you don't eat them. That seems to be a problem.
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    Heh, this should make for a most interesting and entertaining thread.

    Don't forget to bring your hula hoops for the "Jump Through Hoops" section of the exam.
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    go get lip implants first,they will come in handy for kissing c/m butt and unloading useless bull :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: AT PCMS!!! ALSO USED TO KISS UP TO EVERYBODY WHEN THE UNITED WAY KICKS OFF !!!!!!
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    If you don't eat the crayons, where do they go?
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    so, UPS would still be the multi-billion dollar corporation it is today without anyone running the business? just let hourlies run it?

    we shouldn't promote people to accounting, real estate, finance, plant engineering, etc..? all these FT people are useless, and brainless, huh? you wouldn't have the job you have without these people running the business. you think you can do all that yourself? i'd love to see that.

    and for everyone else on here that thinks that UPS is only about the package operation (seems to be all we hear about), we do have hubs and other operations.
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    Always gotta be someone to spoil the fun. lol.
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    I shudder at the thought of ANY of our..for lack of a better word...part time supervisors.. make the leap into full time..for lack of a better word...supervision. Being called a supervisor does not mean you have any supervision skills..nor will UPS teach you any. Most, if not all, of the part time sups in my hub are only there because they have no other future with the company.

    I believe THAT is the test that was spoken of. Unless I was mistaken.
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    No. Besides, that would violate the confidentiality agreement that one signs when they go through the MAPP process. And there is more than one test. There is the computer-based test, 100 questions mutiple choice. And then there is the "In-box". All answers are hand-written. I have seen a couple different versions of the "In-box" and there are also different versions for those seeking FT specialist positions and those seeking FT supervisor positions, although both are considered management.
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    In recent years the trend has been to promote P/T sups to F/T, the qualifications be damned. Granted some are well trained and are very suited for the job and make good F/T sups. "Some" is an operative word here. F/T sup positions have always been OJT, however in times past the basis that was built on was much more knowledgeable than it is today.

    Your (apparent) youth and lack of knowledge of how this company began and grew is overwhelming. The multi-billion dollar company that we work for was built and guided by truck drivers that knew and understood what it took to cater to a customer base that was more than willing to pay for the services provided. There was a time that all managers HAD to come from the rank and file driver groups. The reason for this policy was clear and precise, "BASIC JOB KNOWLEDGE". Today most preloaders don't even understand that their main job function is to load trucks in a manner that makes the Delivery Drivers job go easily and more efficiently. Do you think UPS just cropped up in the last few years? NO, the company has been around for 100 years and few of our early management people were highly educated people. Nearly ALL were basically truck driving delivery people with good skills in people relations. The trend of late to fill positions with warm bodies that are only sometimes accompanied by usable brains is what the majority of the posters I have read are revolting about. This trend is not exclusive to UPS, it seems to run rampant in major corporations in the USA. IF this continues there will come a time when an implosion of gigantic proportion will follow.
    The promotion of a P/Ter (sup or hourly) that has earned a degree in accounting should be moved into accounting (if that's what they want), but a degree in accounting gives no one an understanding of what is the best way to run a route to get all the packages delivered in a timely manner. Get the point Math?
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    Get a copy of Chutes & Ladders. This will help you prepare. Also be very cautious about telling them you know how to play chess. This will signal that you are over-qualified!

    Oh - don't tell them that you know anything at all about mathmatics - you will end up getting stuck in a dead-end job like IE. (just joking).... You also need to let them know when you are serious or just joking because they sometimes just don't get it!
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    Chutes & Ladders...way too funny...
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    It comes in a 200 square.two ply,roll.
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    To supervise drivers, you very well should have to know how to be a driver yourself. I never said anything to the contrary. To supervise in the hub, that's not always the case. To supervise in the hub, you deal with a totally different animal. The drivers are all grown-ass people with mortgages. In the hub, at least in Island City, most of the people in the hub are :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: kids; some are in and out of prison. Do you really think your comment about supervising drivers applies here?

    I'm going to just stop here because this is just going to see-saw back and forth because managent and hourlies can rarely agree, even if there is no reason not to.