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    I'm 3rd in line to go ft package car..2 ft spots just opened up..the 2 guys ahead of me were disqualified last march, but they are going to intergrad next week..shouldn't they both have to wait a full year? My BA told me it was different jobs so its ok..
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    It's 6 months wait after being DQd the1st time, 12 months after the 2nd time.
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    Always been a year here.
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    It's in your supplement

    Here in the Central Region Article 3 Section 10 says 1 year. If they were disqualified from package driver, they have to wait a year to try and be a package driver again.

    Part-time employees with six (6) or more month’s seniority may bid
    on a full-time opening in their building in all months except
    November and December, providing they meet the same requirements
    as applicants for that full-time job. The six (6) months or
    more may be reduced upon mutual agreement. The permanent new
    job or permanent vacancy resulting from the procedure outlined
    above will be posted for a period of five (5) working days. The job
    will be awarded to the senior bidding employee.

    The employee awarded the job must satisfactorily complete a thirty
    (30) working day training period. An employee who disqualifies
    himself/herself on his/her first (1st) attempt shall not be allowed to
    bid again for one (1) year. An employee who fails to qualify, or disqualifies themselves on his/her second (2nd) attempt, shall not be allowed to bid again for three (3) years. The above procedure will be applied on an alternating six-for-one basis, (e. g., for every seven (7) jobs, six (6) will be filled as outlined above and the other from applicants
    from other sources).