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    Hey guys. Hope this is the right place to put this so if I'm wrong please forgive me. Anyhow, I just went full time today after 11 years part time. I really don't pay a lot of attention to a lot of the contract stuff as I know I should as I'm going into full time. But I've been hearing folks talk about how new drivers start at a lower rate than normal drivers. Have heard starting pay around $18 an hour or so? Anyhow I have been a driver for 8 years and my rate is well above that for an hour. So as I go to a full-time driving position, does my rate go up $3 or 4 an hour above what I had part time or will it be the new starting rate for new drivers at $18 an hour or so? once again I pretty much just work everyday and come home and relax and don't understand a lot of the contract jargon so I hope someone can answer this. Thank you
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    Your contract book has specific langauge for this exact issue
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    Your PT pay rate means nothing once you go FT. Your pay will drop to the starting driver rate, I believe. But I would ask your steward.
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    You will be red circled until the FT progression exceeds your current rate, so if your PT rate is higher, you keep that rate.

    Art 41 states:
    • Agree Agree x 1
    • Winner Winner x 1
    • List
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    Good. Thank you finding that for me. I was afraid my pay would drop. So, I guess my pay stays the same and I get no raises until progression catches up.
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    Learn. Go to a union meeting pick up a contract book. It won't kill you I promise.
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    Nope. You keep your part time rate of pay until progression catches up.
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    I'm not totally sure how anyone here is giving you accurate info without knowing you exact job and time doing said job. And your current pay rate (It's ok to share that here. We all know what UPS employees make)

    If you've been driving for 8 years already then you should already be at top rate. Going to full time would not change your pay rate, it just guarantees you 40 hours per week paid.
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    I have been a TCD since 2006 and my rate for driving "ground" is $28.65 per hour.
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    You need to read your local supplement ASAP. In The New England supplement if your where a TCD for 8 years and you bid a FT driver position and won you would be at TOP RATE . You also wouldn't have to make your 30 days.