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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brother Joe, Aug 12, 2008.

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    ARTICLE 41.
    Section 2....

    c. The progression for employees entering a package car driving, feeder, or other full-time job... was 30 months tentatively 36 months. Vote No!
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    There is no change without struggle!

    The national contract is garbage, and I have been saying it since day 1. It passed because of a hoffa sales job. The international had 6 propaganda mailings to the members. Where there was a stong TDU presence it was voted down 3 to1. When supplementals were voted down ups had a better deal on the table the next day. Teamsters in Local 705 need to vote the contract down. I believe when we do that there will be a better deal the next day. The stronger the no vote the better the next offer!
    I expect company goons to attack. I expect haters to hate. It means I am doing the right thing. All true Teamsters need to stand together in solidarity and fight for what we deserve. There is no change without struggle but hope springs eternal with the light of the new day.
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    If you can live with it

    Read it, Know it, if you can live with it, vote it in when the time comes.

    Tentative Agreement

    I have read it & I know I can't live with it. I can endure it. I have endured much working at ups. It is time for us to live. The negotiating committee has done what they can. Now it is time for us to do what we can. We can vote it down and force ups to give us what we deserve!
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    Joe what do you deserve that we didnt get you? Please you are giving the good tdu guys a very bad name right now. Either start posting good points and not your communist bs.

    Right now you have ptimers with under a year of seniority going ftime package car and go from 9.50 to 16.10 within a year. Asking them to wait 3 years to top out is realistic, now if it was a 5 to 7 year wait like it was when i went ftime than i would agree with you, but its not.

    Who are you going to have vote no? I hear that you made a tshirt and spray painted no on it and wear it to work everyday.

    You couldnt even win your steward electuion becauyse all you do is rub people the wrong way. You need to slow down read the contract and ask someone that was there during this whole thing what they think. Ask dean hes in your building.
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    Re: If you can live with it

    stop being a site scab and join up.
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    Re: There is no change without struggle!

    That's the problem. Is there any left? It would be nice to see, but everybody is too busy bickering over petty things and not sticking together on anything.
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    Re: There is no change without struggle!

    Brother joe is a little misguided hes more concerned with money than job security. Any real true union activist knows that job security and working conditions are the main priority which have been addressed. He would rather trade away this language for more money, but what he fails to understand is if your not working it does not matter what you would have made hourly.
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    I said we not me. Yeah I deserve better but thats not the issue. I have already covered the issues though. The main issue is the part timers and they make up the majority. An injury to one is an injury to all!

    I'm speaking as a dues paying member for dues paying members. I am not speaking for TDU or the negotiating committee. I know who you are speaking for. It is not for yourself or for the members. You are a point man. You and others have already been talking up the good points without mentioning the bad points.

    Red baiting 705red? Isn't that what is to be expected of an employer? Have you heard of the bourgeoisification of the proletariat? Didn't think so. What in any of my posts refer to communism up until now? Have you read the Communist Manifesto? Just for the record joe mccarthy, I am not now or ever have been a member of the Communist Party, but you say it like its a bad thing.

    Could you stop condescending and lying 705notred? We can have good language and a fair raise. What does job security mean to someone making $8.50 an hour and no insurance? 93% yes vote means we stand and fight!
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    When was the last time a part timer was layed off? I have never seen this, however i have seen feeder drivers, package car drivers, and porters get bumped back into two part time positions. And under this new contract everyone of those employees will keep their current rate of pay.

    We have won well over a 100 new feeder jobs with cross town, which will result in ups spending over a million dollars in new feeder road equipment. Which now 22.3s like your self will be able to bid into which you couldnt under the old contract.

    Expediated arbitrations is another huge win to protect the members from being drug through the mud when they have been wrongly terminated.

    the list goes on, but you refuse to see all the positives and you also refuse that you cant please all of the people all the time. Maybe this is a little hostility on your part for losing your steward election? I sure hope not because its the people that you have represented that voted!:wink2:
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    Stop lying red or should I say yellow? From your argument the word red means communist so why are you calling yourself red? The word yellow would be more appropriate. It is time to stand strong against ups and hoffa. Don't be afraid to do something, be afraid not to do something!
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    Joe i noticed you like to talk alot when your on the computer, yet you did not show up at the picnic. I hope you will be at the count this coming saturday if not i really look forward to you calling me yellow at the membership meeting on the 19th!

    When you were questioned about visiting your managers neighbors to inform them that he had been arrested for a dui were you being yellow?
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    Over any reason you are re-opening 3 year old posts? Are we not giving you enough moderator work? I could start a fight with tie or bloodybrown if you are bored!

    705, you call Over out on this but this thread has been dormant for over a month. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.
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    Upstate did you look before you spoke? I did not reopen it, im responding to brother joe whos 5:52am post reopened it.

    And i wasnt calling over out, just poking fun at his free time.
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    Relax, I was just having a little fun with you. Shouldn't you be getting ready for the baseball playoffs?
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    I have been here before, but i honestly think this is our year! Go Cubs!
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    They will be the NL team in the World Series. The AL is up for grabs. I'd have to give the Angels the edge but don't my Red Sox out by any means. They actually improved after Manny left and he had an MVP-like 2 months in LA.

    Cubs/Angels Cubs in 6.
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    If I went into 22.3 full-time wage progression and got layoff to part time. Would I be at top rate in 2 years?
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    I finally had the honor to stand next to joe yesterday and he wouldnt call me yellow face to face. Isnt this a violation of the cafes rules and guidelines? Do not say anyhting that you are not willing to say face to face with someone?

    Anyways our contract passed with 2,990 yes votes to 792 no votes and around 200 spoiled ballots.

    Its really sad that 3,230 upsers could take time out of their day to come down and vote in person to strike or not to, but only 3900 and change can put a mark in a box (multiple choice) lick two envelopes and put in the mail! SAD