Full Time wages before new contract



I'm just curious.....

Were there any package car/feeder drivers out there who were not satisfied with their pay rate prior to the signing of the new contract?

Also, do you feel that the current wage increases over the next 6 years could of been better use for the part timers wage increases over the next 6 years with only a smaller portion going to full time wage increases?

I just don't understand how the IBT negotiating team and the Company's team made this one of the primary issues to settling the contract. It just doesn't seem like good business sense on both parts especially at a time when FedEx really started becoming a threat to our core ground operation. I personally was very satisfied with my wages and I really didn't expect to see such higher increases over the next 6 years.

Don't get me wrong, I like making more money but you don't want to outprice yourself in this day in age.


The raises we will get over the life of the contract should keep us just about even, maybe a little ahead, of the rate of inflation. I don't consider that to be "outpricing" ourselves.


<font color="ff0000">"Also, do you feel that the current wage increases over the next 6 years could of been better use for the part timers wage increases over the next 6 years with only a smaller portion going to full time wage increases?"

</font><font color="0000ff">I think I can speak for most part-timers by saying that should have been done. It's just not right that our part-time Fed Ex counter parts are making more than us while at the same time our drivers make jokes about the pay of the Fed Ex drivers. The $1.00 "catch up" raise is almost a smack in the face but it is better than nothing. I'll definately take it.</font>


As a driver I think we deserve the money we are making now and in the future, this job isn't for everyone. The wages we make are needed to retain good employees. There is one item in our benefits package that is sucking money away from raises that could go to part timers, it's our MEDICAL . Our costs for coverage out here has doubled since the end of our last contract. Projections are that it will double again before the end of this one as well. That's a big chunk of money that could have helped with a better wage increase for part timers.


Oakland, I'm not sure I understand what you said?
Do you not think that our medical coverage is not necessary, I feel that it nothing else give us great insurance. To cut the cost of insurance we need to take a proactive attitude in our health.


I agree with ja7618,

Many Americans today do not do enough to take care of their health. They don't exercise. They don't watch their cholesterol intake. Then there's the smoking habits. Plus, just everyday stress levels are usually high.
Take time to stretch your muscles before work, cut down on the weekend barbecues this summer and eat a good salad. Take 1/2 hour each day to relax while listening to some soft music to lower your stress levels.
So much money can be saved if we do simple things like this and cut down on the medical expenses.

Nobody can take care of your health but you.


Hey feederdryver,

The union is a business just like the company. No matter what they say they will fight for, you can rest assured that wages will always be numberone priority, especially full timers. Its a no brainer. On top of the union dues hike they rammed down everyone's throats with no vote, they secure a big raise for full timer's, thus increasing their revenue. Why not lobby hard on behalf of part timers? Simple, their pay rate grows slowly over the years while full timers go to top pay after 2 or 2 1/2 years. Anytime you secure a raise for full timers, you secure more funds for your union. Thats why I truly beleive they will never fight for a reform in the health plan/pension. I know in parts of the country it might be fine, but in the land of Sunshine, it stinks.

Just my 2 cents...