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    When the hell do i get to be full-time? I have been driving since the first week of may - on an unbid route from may to july, and then a bid route that the driver got hurt on from july till now. I've only been off like 6 days, 3 for surgery, 1 i was sick (hungover from a bachelor party), and 2 i decided i didn't want to bump another driver with less seniority so i could go back to bed. Another driver has been driving consistently since last peak, and has only been laid-off (preload) for one week out of this year. Are we being abused as TCD's? For the record We have one driver that is out on military leave, one went crazy and we are unsure if he is going to take disability, another one retires on the 31st, one was in an accident in february and it is unclear if she is coming back (tire blew out and flipped the truck), and another had surgery and will be back in march. Is the reason we are still TCD's because of these driver's having unfortunate events? Or is management just using us and not letting us in the full-time progression? I mean i don't mind the TCD rate of pay but i don't want the possibility of "hey, now you get to work for 10.00 again." Call me selfish but i'd rather be paid full time pay for p/t work if we bargained that way.
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    Id say youre probably stuck since, although you are covering over for those jobs, they are not vacated jobs (except for the coming retirement if the driver doenst get thier job back)and you cant claim progression for a job(bid) you dont technically have.
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    Probably promoted into management now.
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    we found him a couple of times walking train tracks...
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    Wait a minute need a little more info first. Did you get hired off the street to drive ? or from the inside ? It it was from off the street was in as a seasonal 6 month at a time hire or for a full time job. ?

    If it was from the off the street as a full time driver or from the inside then once you complete 30 consecutive driving days. Should be considered full time unless they told you you needed another 30 days. Now if you took days off during those 30 days. Then the 30 days start over.

    I would see a union steward and tell them the deal they should be able to help you out.

    If you got hired off the street as a seasonal full time driver you're sealsonal 6 months then they lay you off for 6 months.
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    My first week of work was in the Driver Training class in january, then i got put on preload as part time till may
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    What ever you do, don't ask BBAG this question.:funny:
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    Very well put! LOL
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    He seems to be a pt employed as a cover driver, 2 months on a training route and covering a route since July. I can't find anything on a ground cover job in the Nat'l Master. Can you?
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    Here, you are a part time driver for a year. After that you automatically go to full time.
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    Here we don't use drivers like that.
    Every full time driving slot opened up is bid as the same as a route bid.

    Here our cover drivers are full time drivers. Seniority does not give us the right to pick our routes. We are to work as directed. Usually our bid sheets have several cover spots open at the bottom when all route bids are picked.

    We have a remote (4) piggy backed on our center and 2 routes that do drive to that area every day. I bid the remote area/cover. So I do get to go cover any route heading to that area first - if nothing is open I am to work where directed.
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    What is BBAG?
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    Not what, but who. BBAG is an acronym for But the Benifits Are Great. He's in the same situation and is really standoff-ish about the situation. Basically you'd get no help from him and his jaded view.
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    BBAG aka The Chosen One

    You should ask him for advice if you are having child support issues.
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    Is this the guy that has 12 kids and gets a check every week for 40 cents or some dumb like that LOL
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    I prefer to think of him as the guy who was going to shoot up through the ranks of us seniority based Teamsters based upon his hard work!
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    Here once you do your 30 days your considered full time.
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    The key statement is that you are a TCD or Temporary Cover Driver. This is not covered under the Master agreement, but under the southern conference supplement. This basically allows a part time employee to work full time as a driver, to earn extra income, covering for drivers who are off work for a variety of reasons - disability, comp, vacation, etc.

    It does not appear that you are being abused. You are covering routes for full time drivers who are not available to work. Right now with the low volume levels, you could be driving as a TCD for a while.