Fumes, spills, open packages and ignoring them

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    The Hazmat and the broken/damaged packages training we all so wonderfully received seems to be ignored 9/10 times by top supervisors who are just worried about keeping the line going.

    Totally unsafe! Had a few boxes brake several times on my line last week... liquid ALL OVER the floor next to my truck and my coworker's truck. They didn't clean it up or even fully acknowledge it for almost an hour... maybe a tiny bit under an hour, like that's even better!?

    They finally got the haz mat person to clean it up... meanwhile, I couldn't get infront of my first truck for boxes coming down the line and had to constantly watch that I wasn't stepping in it.

    Today.... I actually mentioned something to the security person walking around checking trucks for broken boxes, open boxes, etc......
    I had half of a truck filled up with ORMD Consumer Commodities.... hairspray or nail polish... something... pretty sure hairspray and aerosols... going to a beauty supply or beauty store. Here's the messed up part. I claimed that my head was a bit dizzy and the fumes were getting to me. I told my top supervisor... the full time sup that.... pointed in the general area of where it might me.... he looked for maybe 2 seconds and then decided, "just work... get it done... we're almost done... can you clean up the aisle....." etc etc.... and "don't worry about it". Okay, didn't check what was inside them to see if it was of concern, etc. Expected me to keep going in the truck. As a result, I wound up holding my breath when I went in to place a package. It was horrible. I've had a bit of post nasal drip today because of that, and dust as usual among other things.... I'm really :censored2:!

    So anyway, when I mentioned it to the security guy, he said he'd write down the truck # and get it checked out... I mean that's his area of expertise and such.... and I told him that the ft sup just brushed it off. Someone also keeps deciding on my line and i'm pretty sure it's the ft sup that broken boxes should keep being sent up the line back to the trucks to be loaded.... damaged boxes. I brought it up with the guy that I didn't put it there.... he said he saw it and had taken a picture of it... and I put the full blame on the ft sup. They're more worried about line completion on time than they are about our safety and what the customer gets at their doorstep. It's messed up... I'm sure this has been going on forever with them, but what should I do about it if it keeps on happening? I can't be a tattle-tale at least I can't be held as the one who told... I'd be ok with being anonymous however.
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    Go up the chain of management with your concern. Also maybe toss in a call to OSHA if it is not resolved.
    This is one of the instances were you can refuse to work based on safety. If there are leakers they are to be treated as hazardous until proven otherwise. If your sup insists on you working in these fumes, the very next time point out you are feeling ill as described as demand medical attention. When the paperwork is filled out make sure to point out the hazardous conditions you were forced to work in.
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    Gotta stick up for yourself. They do not care about your safety, you have to. You have the right to refuse to work in contaminated conditions. No offense, but you were a fool to do so. DON'T RISK YOUR HEALTH.
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    Don't touch, leave area, notify supervisor. Turn the belt off and and let the sup know don't go back in your area until it is cleaned up. Same with the fumes in the truck keep telling your supervisor and then stat out of the truck if not resolved.
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    Let me tell you what work great, tape record your sup telling you to keep working. Let your union rep hear a copy of it, and tell him to take care of it, or OSHA will be your next call. Hopefully you don't get cancer from something at work, because you didn't want to be a tattle tale.
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    This is not good advice, recording anything in a UPS facility is strictly forbidden and could and probably will get you in hot water.

    The best thing to do is follow the training, YOU stop the belt, You leave the area, and YOU notify a supervisor. YOU do not return to that area until it is completely cleaned up!!
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    Cache is right as is Grgr and evil. When going up the chain do not forget the head of the safety dept and the head of PE. (Especially PE). If this got to PE it would stop, right now.
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    Did you have the answers in front of you, lol
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    I inhaled xray developer fumes all day a couple weeks ago. All the MSDS online said about it was inhalation is not a problem when the chemical is used properly, didn't list any side effects. It wasn't a hazmat, so was loaded precariously on the top shelf, hit the floor and went everywhere on a 90+ degree day. I spent about an hour rescuing packages that didn't get soaked and another hour washing out my truck that night. Nobody's said anything yet about running 189 over.
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    This is a matter that should be brought to attention of your union representative on the safety committee, in writing.

    Since it is a joint committee, this is notifying the employer and the union in one report.

    I would ask to review the UPS Damaged Package Response Procedure noted in Article 18 Section 21 of the Master Contract.

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    You can tape in my state and there is nothing UPS can do. I do it all the time and they know it. I have some great threats on tape
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    You would have been fired in my building. The instructions for a leaking package that you do not know the contents are to treat as hazardous. Failure to follow instructions or other serious offenses, either way see you at a hearing!!
  13. grgrcr88

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    I would like to see that statute!
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    I knew the contents. It was written plainly on the box.
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    Can't show you the statute, I do what my lawyer tells me to do. There is 4-5 people who tape, somebody is taping all the time. They wouldn't dare fire you for taping if what this person tapes is what they said, is really happening, to big of law suit.
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    We have all seen pkgs where the contents did not match what was written plainly on the box.

    I don't doubt that you were dealing with x-ray developer. I also deliver this stuff and if any were to break and spill I would most certainly not touch it.
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    I have witnessed UPS not holding up to their Corporate Settlement Agreement with OSHA as you just mentioned which is including but not limited to ALL employees knowing and utilizing Don't Touch, Leave The Area, Notify Supervisor.
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    What are you going to do about this?

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    Looks like he is going to tell you ... you are going to fix everything we hope.
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    I did not touch it. Sup came and took the broken package and all the ones that got wet. I had thrown my sweat rag down to stop the flow and got the packages I could save onto the shelves. My biggest concern is/was that stuff cooking all day in 90+ degree heat.