Fun With John Conyers

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. wkmac

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    Under the "You Just Gotta Laugh" catagory.

    John Conyers on reading legislation


    But on looking at pictures!


    The question really begs, is he just that stupid or does he think he's just so above everyone else and that we are that stupid?

    I believe the latter personally!
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    Wk, you've missed the more pertinent point. He is absolutely correct. Members of congress don't read bills anyway. That's where highly paid lobbyists come in. Hell, most people can't read their own mortgage papers. You can forget about them understanding even one percent of what's in a 2500 page bill or better yet the tax code.
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    And you told me I should lighten up in a Jon Stewart mold, now I do and then you want to take exception even to that? Dude, make up you mind!



    BTW: I agree 100% with what you said above that I put in bold!

    As to people not being able to read their own mortgage papers, take any and all political loyalist hats you have off and sit back and give serious thought and analysis to that valid point and why. I would also ask given even 50 years ago, our educational system is vastly expanded and much broader today than then but yet why is this the case? Even more people today have college degrees than ever and yet your point is still equally true. Why is that? If you really and truthfully give this thought full consideration, you may reach an honest conclusion you may not like!

    But take heart. The guy across the isle, if he did the same thing under the same conditions, he/she would reach the same conclusions too!

    The bipartisanship of all Americans is found outside the plantation, not in it!
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    These reps. & senators spend tons of $$$ to get elected. It's all a huge race to the finish line (the win)......but the problem is they think it's over and that's it. They fail to recognize that their job is suppose to be just starting. Their concern is to look good for the cameras, entertain lavishly and appear on network shows, including sit coms and reality shows and then see how many more raises they can vote for themslves and how many more vacation days they can get. Most of these people think they are the elite and we are all beneath them and we don't understand 'guberment'.
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    The late Congressman Larry McDonald use to say Washington politicians have a 3 step mindset and it never changes. Here it is!

    In the 30 years since he told my wife and I that concept of Washington Political Life, I can honestly say not a damn thing in Washington has changed to make me think that 3 step plan has been retired!