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    i was about half way through the route and heading to this ladys(never actually seen her) trailer that gets hsn 3-4 times a week, btw im a cover driver so i do this area enough to know the regulars. anyway, today shes got a sig req box so i knock on the side door and i hear some yelling so i continue to wait. well 30 sec go by and still no one at the door, knock again and this time i hear "you fckn a--hole, come back in 10 min." so i chuckle a little bit and yell back that its ups and i need a signature. i start to hear some movement in the trailer and her tromping to the door, she came to the door in a towel and just starts cursing me out "you cant come here while im in the shower and i need to come back in 5 min when she done" . so im just standing there and finally i get a chance to say you can either sign now or you will get it tomorrow, the whole time im thinking about walking away and refusing this trolls pkg.
    so she shuts the door and i leave and NI 1 the pkg(really wanted to refuse it). after i get done with the next couple stops i send a msg to the center giving them a heads up that i had this stop cursing at me so i left. so i finish up and head back to the center and go straight to the office to see if she called in a concern. sure enough she did and it went something like----
    driver came while i was in the shower and when i came out he was very rude and wouldn't give me the pkg----then left and speed off and was going faster than the 15mph speed limit. he was very unprofessional and rude Notice how all the cursing was left out of the msg and how she became the victim of me asking for a signature lol

    i started laughing and was telling the girls in the office what really happened.

    so my ? is if a center mng really has a hard-on for you, how far could they take something like this
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    I was gonna say, "....all the way to panel.", but then you wouldn't sleep tonight.
    Your center manager is probably gonna believe the customer before he believes you.
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    What kind of relationship do you have with your center manager? Are you one that is honest and dependable?---If so, no probllem.
    It was good that you gave them the heads up. The days of 'the customer is always right' aren't as frequent as they used to be.
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    As said before, depends on the working relationship you have with your center manager. Do you have a history of customer complaints? Has there been a past issue with dis-honesty? If not, you are most likely good to go. If not, then you may be in hot water.

    Just suggest the center manager go meet this customer in person, or talk to the regular driver to get info about the customer. If she is as rude as you state, then it will be rather apparent to them as well.
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    Managers should have insight on these "rude customers" and realize they are calling in a concern expecting to win the lottery or something. I have never had a manager believe a customer over me.

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    How did she look in the towell?????

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    AND don't listen to these people, your story is what to good to have made up. Your center manager will probably share a laugh with you on this one.
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    100 pounds over weight mid 50's and mouth like a sailor

    im not worried about any discipline, just curious if anyone has been disciplined for these ridiculous claims. im always there, on time, and probably a little to honest.
    i wish they would do something about these people calling in and getting there way, the ones that really get to me are "he didnt knock or ring the bell" well how the fu-k did you know i was even there and let alone call in a complaint 2 min after i left:angry:
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    Great story. Some things you just can't make up.
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    I rarely get them, when I do its from a woman like you describe. They have no power in the world so they want to take out their power trip on me. And my sups always acts like I was the rude one. Imagine that, me being rude. They just hate me coz Im beautiful.:wink2:
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    not necessarily. the fact the driver gave the center a heads up holds some wieght.

    I guess washing her back was out of the question?
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    Your centers get calls from customers complaining about anything and everything you can imagine, we can't please everyone and management knows that. Most of these go into the big circlur file.
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    This right here.
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    How 'bout combing her back?
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    that is just plain wrong over9five..........