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    move to lighten ups

    United Parcel Service sucks balls!!

    United Parcel Pitching Service

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    preload dancer:happy-very:


    Michael Moore- The Awful Truth- UPS
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    Well I can't figure out how to embed videos..

  4. some of those videos are amusing....others seem just plain odd.

    I've heard that volume is down thing many times since I've been here.

    I have a question (and not trying to be a smart ass, just honest) if volume was/is waaaay down, how are we making more and more money each year? I don't doubt that it is somewhat. The reason workers don't buy it is they see the company still posting record profits. I haven't been paying attention too much lately so I don't know how "we're" doing lately.

    In my area volume just seems like the normal warmer month "lightness" setting we have every year. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so (I've seen forecasts from prior years) at least in my area. The trucks don't look any lighter than they were in past years while I loaded so I don't know.

    PS that guy from media relations was about as stereotypical as it gets, was he a real UPS guy? because if so damn he was annoying and arrogant. Why would you want someone like that in charge of media relations?
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    simply create you own definiton of volume. volume could mean they have less injuries lol and because there are less they dont need to hire more people
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    Theoretically volume could go down but profits still go up. Why?

    Volume overall could decline, but a big enough shift to premium services could generate more revenue per piece.

    Extreme cost cutting measures that offset the revenue lost by less volume.

    Taking advantage of changes in accounting and reporting procedures.

    Revenues generated by non-package subsidiaries.
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    I think that is the infamous Norman Black (perhaps he should change his last name to Brown). His name is plastered over just about every UPS press release .
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    Michael Moore....Pffft.:sick:
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    I got a letter from the District Manager talking about down volume etc, deliveries down 2% pickups down 4%, not really big enough for someone on the front line to see. The letter also told drivers to run trace more often, if my center ran trace they would all be over 3 hours and probably end up with warning letters. On a positive note the letter was printed on nice paper so it made a good paper airplane, I guess the DM’s office hasn’t had to resort to buying the cheap paper to cut costs so volume can’t be that down right? :happy-very: