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    What an anti-climax: After 60 years scientists claim to have proved the G-spot doesn't exist

    By Daniel Martin
    Last updated at 2:05 PM on 03rd January 2010

    For decades, hapless men have been fumbling around in bed for their partner's G-spot: the elusive erogenous zone said to send women into a sexual frenzy.
    Now a huge British study has found they may have been searching in vain.
    Researchers have found there is no evidence whatsoever for the existence of the pleasure point - and that it may not exist outside the minds of women influenced by magazines and sex therapists.
    All that the myth of the G-spot has done is make men and women feel inadequate about their sex lives.
    Subjective: British scientists claim the G-spot may not exist at all

    The G-spot is supposed to be a collection of nerve endings possessed by some women and not others. If activated by a sexual partner with the right technique, it can given women supreme sexual pleasure.
    Sex therapists have made careers out of telling women they can boost their G-spot by eating the right diet, or doing more exercise.
    But a study of 1,800 British women by scientists at King's College London has cast doubt on its existence.
    Co-author Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology, said: 'Women may argue that having a G-spot is due to diet or exercise, but in fact it is virtually impossible to find real traits.
    'This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective.'
    Andrea Burri, the other author, said she was concerned about women who feared they lacked a G-spot were suffering from feelings of 'inadequacy or underachievement'.
    She said: 'It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never been proven and pressurise women - and men too.'
    In the study, 1,804 women aged between 23 and 83 filled in questionnaires. All were pairs of identical or non-identical twins. While identical twins share all their genes, non-identical ones only share half.
    If a G-spot did exist, it would be expected that both identical twins would report having one. But in cases where one twin reported having the erogenous zone, the scientists found that no pattern emerged of the other one having the spot.
    In fact, identical twins were no more likely to share a G-spot than non-identical twins.
    Some 56 per cent of women said they had a G-spot, but they tended to be younger and more sexually active.
    Experts claimed the study vindicated their long-standing doubts over the existence of the pleasure zone.
    Gedis Grudzinskas, consultant gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital, said: 'I think this study proves the difference between popular science and biological or anatomical science.'
    The idea of the G-spot was popularised by sexologist Professor Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University in New Jersey in 1981.
    It was named in honour of German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg (umlaut on a) who claimed to have discovered the erogenous zone in 1950.
    Professor Whipple says she found G-spots in a study of 400 women, and described the new British study as 'flawed'.
    She said the study did not look at lesbians or bisexual women - and failed to take into account the effect of different sexual techniques and the prowess of different men.
    She said: 'The biggest problem with the findings is that twins don't generally have the same sexual partner.'
    The British study will be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine this week.
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    My Husband has found my "G-spot"!!!

    My "G" is directly connected to the NFL season.
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    As in the couple "G's" he has to spend on those tickets you've been seeking?
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    It is all related!!!

    Saints win; he knows he will "G"it some on game day.

    I win my fantasy football game; he knows he will "G"it some on Tuesday when the games are final.

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    Not sure who is luckier................... him or you! :its_all_good:
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    It's all about getting lucky. One way or the other, boys will pay to play!

    And they say prostitution is illegal or should we say that marriage is in fact the oldest profession!

    BTW: Get them Saints going cause I'm hoping they go all the way this year.


    Women are the best source of info on what works and if men use their ears, they'll pick right up on it. When she sez, "Oh Yeah, That's It, That's It, YES!" you know you've struck gold regardless what anyone else sez!
  8. ajblakejr

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    I will "G"o for that answer. I "G"et it and I am happy.

    "G"oal post in football = My "G"-spot.

    "G"eaux Saints!!!
  9. rod

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    So if all they say is "turn off the tv when your done" you are doing something wrong?:surprised:
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    Thanks for ruining my life:sick:
  11. ajblakejr

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    "G"ood question.
    I am usually concerned that we "G"it is done before halftime is over...and then "G"o at it again between "G"ames.

    I need the TV on...I "G"ot to keep track of the scores while I am scoring.
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    Are you offering classes for guys? :happy-very:
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    The "G" is so old news. Those of us in the know have gone on to the "H" spot and are now working on the "I".:student:
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    The "G-spot" is actually located on the man...it is typically positioned behind his butt-cheek, in the middle of the wallet.
  15. cachsux

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    Actually if there`s a woman involved it moves from that spot to her purse,ring finger,or around her neck.
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    So this study was done with public monies ?
    Plenty of funds to find nothing while hundreds of people suffer thru socialized medicine.
    Now I'm waiting for Klien praise it.
  17. ups79

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    you mean pubic monies?
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    Dr. Grafenberg would strongly disagree with the Brits --I would also !!!:wink2:
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    I don't understand why there is such uncertainty. Can't you just ask a woman?

    Dilli, AJ, Fethrs, etc....Is there a G spot?
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    Leave it up to BaBa to politicize this thread......now we know the origins of his fustrations...:stalker:

    You can find a G-spot or whatever you want to call it with the two fingered cul-de-sac Jones method....