Gangland show on History Channel-UPS mentioned.

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by ups1990, Sep 30, 2009.

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    A couple of weeks back on the show Gangland on the History channel, a Latino gang in Nashville, TN. called the Brown Pride gang. Was targeted by a rival gang who also wanted to kill UPS drivers for wearing brown! This gang's leader had to instruct its members not kill any driver, for they were just doing their job.

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    They should investigate this further. Fred Smith may be behind this.
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    UPS seems to show up alot on this show. There was another episode where a featured gang member was wearing an older UPS jacket with the previous logo on it. Looks alot like the $100+ nascar jackets we have today, but with the old logo on it.

    Another episode on the KKK opened in louisville kentucky with a UPS plane landing at Worldport.

    UPS is getting lots of free press from this!

    ...on second thought I'm not sure we really want that free press!
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    just further proof that these losers need to get a life and stop terrorizing people out there trying to make a decent living.
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    I feel sorry for families rasing kids around these idiots
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    Exactly, but ya know what they always say, " managers will be Mangers", so whatjagonnado?