Gas pushes delivery costs higher

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    [​IMG] Gas pushes delivery costs higher - NWI Times

    Soaring gasoline prices not only have made it more expensive to travel, they've increased the cost of transporting supplies and material, prompting the cost of consumer goods and the cost of services -- even mail delivery -- to climb.
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    While the improving economy does mean an increase in business because of people buying more goods, there are other issues that cause profits to go up. UPS has increased its fuel surcharge on ground shipments from 3.5% to 3.75 %. Fedex increased its fuel surcharge from 12% to 13.5%, in its Express Division, where it makes most of its profit. I am not sure of what the surcharge for UPS air is, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the price of shipping a package through either company is costing the costomer anywhere from 25 cents to two dollars per package.

    On another note, a couple of months ago I shipped my notebook PC across town to get repaired. The $6.72 for shipping was a good price as far as saving me the time and gas of driving it forty miles myself. The $12.00 insurance shocked me, I used a UPS Customer Counter where I work and was surprised at that cost. I requested the Repair shop to ship it back UPS ground so I would get it the next day, But they FEDEX Expressed it back to me and it took two days to get it across Atlanta. I turned them in as a Sales lead.
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