Gas UNDER $1.00/Gallon in Michigan...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by barney, Jan 17, 2016.

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    they might be able to use the water as fuel....:)
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    Gas this cheap sounds good but think of the devastating effects on our economy.

    The ripple effects of this may be a little deeper than some can grasp.
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    Thanks, Synder.
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    Lead has been banned for most consumer fuel.

    Thanks, Snyder.
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    that damned Obama!!!
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    Where do you think the lead had been all this time from the gas in the 70's?
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    Exactly, oilfields are laying off in droves therefore all of the supportive services ( Halliburton and others) will have to lay folks off also, restaurants where the workers ate and socialized people moving on from the housing boom that was built to support this ( will now be a glut of empty places), Plug in electric cars will now sit laying autoworkers off ( once again), sheesh
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    oh yeah, seems like he's about to be in all sorts of trouble
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    Innovate or die.
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    my 401k is down 60 grand. but i saved 50 bucks last month on gas.
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    Does DIDO live in the BOG too?

    He seems to think everything I say is funny....almost as if reality escapes him.
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    you just went on the ignore list.
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    I live in reality just like you. I just have a better appreciation for how funny it can be if you pay attention.

    Years of neocons complaining about obama and how he's respsonsible for high gas prices. Now we've got low gas prices and here you are complaining about them. I have no trouble finding the humor in that.
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    Oh say it ain't so lmao.
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    So now, don't be surprised when all of a sudden you will hear 'there was a refinery ( or two) in the midwest ( or gulf) taken off-line for maintenance..... ok... suure slow the production, price will rise... we all Know that will happen...

    But I would much rather have it down when there's plenty of it as opposed to the other way around ( which in the past is when it usually happens).
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    I actually expected them to do this a month ago. Trouble is there is so much extra oil sitting around and people know about it this time. They can't use the old tired running out of fossil fuels scare that has work for them for 50 years anymore. I'm sure they will think of something.
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    HAHAH.. are you serious?

    More money in the middle class pockets means the more spending they do. Thus, the economy booms.

    Less money in the middle class pockets means the LESS spending they do and the economy tanks, IE: GW BUSH.

    If you are referring to the oil industry economy, then that is a separate issue, but dont worry, there isnt an oil company going broke anytime soon.