gave my 2 week notice today

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by chargerlou, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. chargerlou

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    Ups or bust got confirmation to give notice yesterday from ups but no manager available as usual so gave notice Thursday! !
  2. chargerlou

    chargerlou Member

    Also for thise of u that are leaving fedex has a stipulation that u can't withdrawl 401k until 45 days after u leave this hell hole!!
  3. vantexan

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    ​Does that include the portable pension?
  4. Portable pension you have to wait until the month after your last day before they will give you the money. That's what the rep I talked to said. You can request the paperwork ahead of time.

    Also congrats chargerlou! Good luck at UPS!
  5. hypo hanna

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  6. DorkHead

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    ChargerLou, make sure you roll over that 401k to UPS`s 401k so you don`t get penalized. If you can`t, then at least to a IRA.
  7. FUFred

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    Congratulations. I took the lump sum payout after I got fired. I never put a penny of my own money into it. I didn't care about the 20% total in taxes, early withdrawn and other fines. From the time I sent the paperwork in it took about 3.5 weeks and they sent me a check.
  8. overflowed

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    Good luck and congrats bud.
  9. I was thinking the same thing with my pension money. I didn't put anything in there so the penalties aren't that big of a deal to me. Will be a decent amount of money to pay off a couple things.

    My 401k I'm definitely rolling into something else though.
  10. StuffItFred

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    Congrats and good luck! Get as far away from the stench of FredEx as possible!
  11. chargerlou

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    Thanks everyone for your kind wishes!!
  12. chargerlou

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    Was told by my senior that he wants to fill my rte asap cuz its a very essential route and can't be left open haa said he was gonna post it this week. I Was like whatever
  13. Mr. 7

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    First, congrats but, exactly what type of position are you accepting at UPS?
    Aren't you just gonna be holiday help and first guy on "stand by" for years at UPS?
  14. chargerlou

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    thank you.. package handler 11 bucks an hour 5 hours a day. no, not seasonal. But with my experience i have a great opportunity to be driving at ups starting pay mid 20's per hour as part time status but full time hours very lucky that 4 are retiring very soon great opportunity that fed ex cant give me! will take a few years to actually be fulltime status but after 1 year my medical benefits kick in and I pay nothing unlike fedex...
  15. DontThrowPackages

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    Hell, at my age, I'd take PT with them. Happy for you. I've spoken with every brown driver that would give me 5 minutes. They do have their complains but not one would trade places in my seat for a second.