Gegare Slate; BIG MISTAKE

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by frank75, Oct 4, 2011.

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    To all the uniformed, I was a long time member of Local 75, Gegares local. He's a good guy, but General President...NO WAY. Our local had to merge with L662 from across the state cause Gegare and co bankrupted us. High salaries we couldn't afford and NO organizing. Schneider Trucking went NON-Union under his watch. As President of JC39 we lost 20,000 Teamsters under his watch. A JC severance plan liability of nearly a million dollars for future Wisconsin Teamsters to pay under his watch. The Central States Pension plan went backwards under his watch , although that's more Hoffa's fault for that UPS deal. Anyway Teamsters , read the LM2's if you don't believe me. It's all there including a clerk of L75 embezzeling $27,000 under Fred Gegares watch. Like I said, Fred's a good guy but not a General President, and his slate is not ready for prime time.
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    As always, blogs are venues for those to exercise their ability to present data, opinions, facts, mis-leading falsehoods and hear say. The above post offers all of those factors and even more. Merging locals are done with membership approval. Schneider Transport still has Teamsters in the Teamsters Union, The embezzelment was dealt with with court actions and with full complaince of the Office of the GST.
    You know all this already, so why now outburst.
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    Hey Diamond, All the Schneider I guys I see are non-union. Are the local guys still covered? Anyway I'm wondering how many out there actually drove a Diamond cabover? Those were the days!
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    There are OTR guys still covered by a CBA. Their special services trucks have special artwork in the company logo to sepeate them out. The poster who started the thread just wasn't very accurate in what he or she was stating in their ramblings.
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    Ramblings? Outbursts? As far as accuracy I stand by the original statement. Under Gegare, Schneider went non-union. Yes there is a handful still under a CBA, but the vast majority (95%) are non-union. Mis-leading falsehoods? Point them out! Local 75 had to merge because of financial shortfalls. Shortfalls occured because we spent more than we took in. End of story. We can argue why that happened but it is fact. Gegare & co took large salaries. FACT. JC39 severance liability, FACT. Central States decline, FACT (although I put this on Hoffa) Embezzlement, FACT. I like Gegare, he's a great VP. But if he calls all the shots as GP, get ready for a replay of what happened to L75. Nothing but a mismanaged memory!
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    See, you already had to comeback and make corrections to your post where there was a couple mis-leading statements. Even you acknowledge that by the offering you add. Gegare is a much better leader than the other 2 candidates.

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    yeah lets keep the good ole boys in power ,either hoffa or gegare and its business as usual ...officers win, rank and file get the shaft ---BC
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    LOL, good point but I love how some of the posters come on and become Bill O'Reilly and spin the issues. If Schneider is 95% nonunion and 5% union then I would have to say that it is a nonunion work place because the majority rules. Central States is a mess and that cannot be argued. As I stated before in many other threads and will state in this thread all of the candidates have flaws. I hate when a person will not admit they have flaws because everyone makes mistakes but the question become do these candidates learn from their mistakes.
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    There does appear to be a lot of attitude on this thread.