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    President Bush's Approval Rating Up

    Not surprising seeing what is currently in the White House.

    "Among registered voters, President Bush's approval rating is equal to Obama's"
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    You guys should watch Showtime's "The World According to Dick Cheney" in which Cheney himself sits down in front of the camera and tells his story in his own words. Regardless how one feels about the man, it's worth the watch and it offers incite into GWB as well.
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    Mission Accomplished
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    When GW climbed upon that rumble in the wake of 911.

    No image consultant told him to get in a photo op.
    No speech writer to him what to say.

    That man was an American who just happen to be the President of the United States.

    That moment was pure.
    That moment was would have occurred with or with out the media.

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    And one more thing...

    GW is class.
    The man did not blame Bill for not holding Bin Laden when he had him in hand.
    The man, unlike his VP, has not called out the current President.
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    I love BUSH!!
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    As do I.
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    Life is so much better when you've got Bush around...
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    AS I respected him, no matter what the LIBERAL attack / Members POST.

    Jimmy Crack Corn. I do NOT CARE............................

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    I will NEVER forget that day. I just turned 20 and after leaving my early morning job to work daylight at UPS, they refused to let anyone go home. I was so scared that day. I also remember that I chose to help the loader beside my truck that management had to pull from small sort because of call offs. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I figured if something did happen, I would have at least got to go down with smile on face. I live near Somerset, sight of the 3rd crash. God rest their souls.
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    And my friends, Bill Clinton's relationship / friendship with Papa Bush caused me to really look at the man, William Jefferson Clinton. I feel the trio, Papa Bush, Billy and GW, are the national treasure and command respect. These men embody what is good about the American Presidency.

    No one, no one will dare speak about the elephant in the room when exclusive ex-President club meets.
    I am student of body language. I find it curious no one mentions the overt awkwardness when Jimmy is in the room.

    Notice how Jimmy is isolated and Bill recognizes this with his body language. Bill tries to bridge the isolation Carter experiences.
    I respect and now believe Bill is empathic and he does feel our pain.
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    I think Carter feels something disgusting happened to politics. I think he's right and I respect his wanting to keep a distance from it.
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    Maybe Carter didn't like Bush as much as Clinton. We all know how much Clinton enjoyed Bush.
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    Maybe it's his peanut butter breath and the 4 others are stepping away from him . You gotta see things more than one way or you'll never be good at crosswords.
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    Exactly. And all the baby killing hypocrites could do was create a photo op on the steps of the capital singing "God" bless America.
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    Obama would need to have a teleprompter and stage the scene.
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