George W. Bush's first 100 days back in Texas

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 3, 2009.

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    Lone Star Pariah

    Some comparisons of Bush with LBJ I found quite interesting.
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    To be expected.
  3. ajblakejr

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    Regardless of the amount of distaste (fill in your own adjective here)other people may have for G.W. Bush...I would still invite George and Laura to my home for a BBQ and a Beer with open arms.

    And the only HOT question I will ask him is a question from my heart being a daughter of a Korean Conflict Vet, a child that loved her daddy....

    The only time I ever recall seeing tears in your fathers eyes was the day his namesake ship went live...How did it feel to be there and be a part of that day with you father, a great WWII veteran?

    I am ready for any attacks or judgements others may toss at me for respecting a man that served OUR GREAT COUNTRY.
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    I'd love to have George & Laura over for dinner. She is a lady !

    We'd have Spaghetti & Meatballs (it's what I'm comfortable with) :happy-very:
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    And then they can come over my house for desert for some Devil's Food cake, and some chocolate bomb bombs......:laughing: