Get A Rope!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Don't teachers learn that at the age of 12, kids are explorers ???
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    If it was a girl on girl kiss, would they call the cops?
    When I was raised, if a girl kissed me on the playground I gained bragging rights.
    Heck, they banned don't ask don't tell for our military.
    Why does this "right" not extent to a grade school playground?
    I guess I am just an old fart that remembers the thrill of being young and in love.

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    What a waste of resources.
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    The asst. Admin that called the cops should be the first person in the unemployment line the next day. This person is too stupid to be involved with education in any form.
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    Important only to fox "news" people. I bet if the two girls had kissed they would have called Homeland Security!! That would qualify as huge BREAKING NEWS material.
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    Another brainwashed lefty FOX hater...funny its also on left news Huffington post.
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    If two girls had kissed it would have been on CNN headline news for three days.
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    Ain't that the truth. :surprised:
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