Getting frustrated!!!

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    I have been a part time cover driver for three
    years now and in the past I have worked Saturday mornings delivering air. My wife and I
    now have a family, soon to be getting bigger, and management is sending me home during
    the week and telling me I "have the day off today to be able to work on Saturday". I have
    so many problems with this, first being it takes away a full day of pay at my driver rate and
    gives me 3-5 hours of air driver rate. Am I required to work Sat.???
    How do I correct the problem? I feel like they are trying to compel
    me to work on Sat. but that was not what I signed up for. I have told my supervisor that in
    the past and he says "Part time cover driver are not a position so they don't hire just for
    that position and they are in a hiring freeze." Why don't they pull someone from the preload get it
    taken care of rather than try to take away from my family time. I would think that a
    preloader would be happy to get paid the air driver rate.