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    Hey guys and girls. I have been to two different interviews. One was a group and one was with a HR person. They said that they would check my refs and I would get a call back in about two to three weeks. Well that was on a friday morning and the following Tuesday I get a call from the same # that has called me before from HR UPS. Couldn't get to the phone in time and they didnt leave a message. Try to call back but no answer. My question is : Is that a good sign or bad sign that they called so soon? It's now the next day and still no return call. The only thing Im worried about is a hot check that my be on record from about 6 months ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    just be honest on your application, they usually find out if your lying about anything. I would try and call back.
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    Better yet, go there in person. That shows them you are interested in the job. Never hurts to show them that.

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    Since this thread is about hiring I was just wondering. Here in the Philly burbs we are having a real hard time finding people to work for us, especially drivers. At our morning pep talk today we were told we are looking for peak drivers and to bring in anyone we thought was qualified, including family. Bids that have gone up this past year for partimers to become full time drivers weren't even signed. The partimers in our building have no intrest in becoming full time drivers. The word is out on how hard drivers work. Our current class of driver trainees consists of 6 people off the street and 1 person from inside. Just had a 21 year old kid start who was a partimer for a whopping 6 months. And now we're back to where I started 30 tears ago, hiring peak drivers off the street. Does this sound like your building or just happening here?
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    I am currently considering a management job with UPS. Do they typically cover relocation of management personnell?

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    I'm not in management but it is my understanding the company will cover relocation of existing management personnel.
    Your profile says you are an RN. If you are hoping to change careers to a job with less stress you may want to look elsewhere.
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    "Does this sound like your building or just happening here?"

    It's just in your area, in ours you will still have to wait 9-12 years to go into delivery. But that could change here as many more drivers are going to retire (45%) over the next three years.

    MAybe it is a good thing they are bringing in new blood. But with those new drivers you do not seem to get the "class" of employee that we currently have, those that understand that it is more than just a job.

    Speaking of retiring, wonder when pencil pushin Mikiee will go.

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    "wonder when pencil pushin Mikiee will go."

    Don't know, but it should be with a boot print on his a...
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    Toverholt, UPS has a great relocation package for management. HOWEVER, this company is very selective on who they pay to relo the move has to fill a very specific need of the company. Typically they do not pay to relocate newly hired management. Of course, if you have a rare skill set that the company is short handed on, then they may bend the rules. But again, UPS pays for relos very sparingly. Hope this helps

    What type of position are you up for?
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    For folks that have a conviction in their past, is there any hope of getting a job driving or handling packages?
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    Depends on the conviction.

    But more than likely not, as a driver you have to be bonded, and bonding companies have issues with hiring felons or people with criminal backgrounds.

    But now if you are looking to get into upper management............[​IMG]


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    Well actually I am thinking of the PT Package Handler jobs. They are advertising lots of openings in my area right now and I wanted to find out if they were open to folks who are on the straight and narrow now, even if there were some bends in the road in the to speak.

    I can't seem to find a person in my area (Portland Oregon) that can answer that question for me and they don't post that kind of information on their web site. I would love to just speak to a community contact to get a straight answer so I don't waste the company's time or mine applying. Any thoughts???
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    What type of bends in the road are we talking about. Knowledge is power and you are not helping one bit by beating around the bush.

    Are we talking drugs, theft, rape, assault? What are we talking about exactly. Felony, misdemeanors, or parking ticket?


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    How long does it take for a background check to come back? I need a job! Thanks
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    A background check for a part-timer usually comes back in 2-3 days; a full-timer takes about a week.
    Generally if a felony shows up, you'd be inelgible for hire.
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    I went on the tour at UPS and the interview. They said they were going to do a background check it could take up to 10 days before they hear something. I'm like ok. That was Sept.13 I have called human resources every week and the lady tells me she doesnt know anything yet. Ya'll think she hasn't processed my information yet? There is no reason for me not to already be working there.

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