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    I know this sounds like an HR question and it is, but I figured someone here can give me some insight. When I completed my application on the ups website, you also complete your Direct Deposit sign up, they let you choose like wellsfargo or citibank, so i chose wellsfargo. It also tells you that in a few weeks youll receive info on how to complete your account with them for DD, its been like a month and half, what do?
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    You should be able to set up a DD account at any bank of your choice that has that service.
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    Do I goto HR for that? I was due to start this past monday but HR pushed my start date to possibly this coming monday. I have no other way of contacting HR, and since i work 1030p to 3a I wonder if HR is even there.
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    Do you already have a checking or savings account? If so, you can use this account for direct deposit. You do not have to choose Wells Fargo or Citibank. It does take a couple of weeks after you start working for the direct deposit to kick in so you will receive a paper check until it is.

    When you actually start ask to speak to the HR person to get this set up. You can also do this on our employee website but you do need an employee ID number to register there, which will be assigned to you when you start working.
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    Thanks bud, very good info. You know I currently dont have a bank account other than my college financial aid checking account which id rather not put my money into. What is a good bank to go with? chase? here where I live I've seen this UPS federal credit union, although it doesnt look to be a national operation since it has one facility. I wish I didnt mess up my firefighters credit union account back in 08, sure regret that.
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    Check with your financial aid office--they may be able to suggest the right bank for you.

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