Getting rehired after peak session

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    hello I went through with the tour and than scheduled for an interview, and told them I could work after the 21st, well that I had arrangements for than at that times; so they decided to start me after the 21st and told me he will he will call me around the week of the 10th or the week of the 17th to bring me in to fill out the paper work and they have called me once which tells me they will call back again, But my question is what do they look for a peak hire for rehire and how can I aim for it?
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    1. You need to show up every day and on time UPS doesn't care about your problem just show up sick or not.
    2. Work hard and mind your own business.
    3. Be able to work well with other even if you don't like them.

    However getting hired after peak all comes down to whether there is an opening.
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    Follow the those three tips and you might have a chance to make the team after peak is done. In my hub in 2009, 5 of 37 hires made the cut. In 2010, 3 of 25 hires made the cut. Times are tough my friend. Best of luck. Be positive!
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    Have a backup plan because your chances of staying on the payroll after peak are slim and none. Full time employees have a hard time not getting laid off after Christmas.
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    why some many hires even for peak session, for our tour we only had 13 ppl attendees with only 12 ppl being present and after the tour 9 ppl asked to play( to move along with the hire process) is peak session only around the october-december or is there another peak session in the year?
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    You def would've been better off starting right ASAP rather than wait. You're a seasonal hire now, because you put in after 21st.
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    do they show you the carrot they dangle in front of you on the tour ??? i work freight 7 yrs fulll time i rarely shift gears !
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    UPS is hard work for low pay when you start out... They may hire 10 people and one person may quit the first hour while another walks off during break. Two people may quit the third day...

    Don't worry if they don't call right away, they keep bringing people in right up to Dec 20th... I think it took a month before they brought me in...
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    what position did you apply for and do package handlers have a more likely chance of getting laid off than lets say SCS full time dock workers?? i was just hired as a full time dock worker in supply chain solutions out of hebron kentucky, the local news advertised that they were hiring 600 full time employees with benefits and all, the hr lady on the news said business was up. so now im nervous because of all the lay off talk i hear on these forums.