Getting surgery. what are my options?

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    I have a large keloid (benign tumor scar/not cancerous) on my chest that has become infected. The infection is recurring over the last 10 years. The plastic surgeon said while not an emergency it should be removed because of the infections (I will also be getting radiation treatments for the area following the surgery). He says I will need 1 week off of work and 6 weeks light duty (as in not lifting packages). To cover the week I need off I scheduled the the operation for my week I am on vacation in mid July. But I am concerned about the 6 weeks light duty, since 2 weeks ago I was transferred to a load/unload position. ( I have been at UPS going on 5 years).

    Should I ask for light duty, or should I pursue the FMLA act. I need to keep my benefits but I also dont want to be retaliated against and lose my job. What should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    apply for fmla and if you can't get light duty apply for disability through the union.
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    Unless it is a workers comp injury, you can forget getting light duty. Go for short-disability, it's your best option. And your job is in no jeporady, think about it, females go out all the time for child birth. Same thing really.
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    Not necesarily, their is a provision in the contract that provides for Local Unions to negotiate light duty(AKA TAW, Temporary Alternate Work) for off the job injuries. Contact your Local Unoion hall and see what they recomend. Most likely the STD will be the best option but you never know.
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    Light duty may not be an option in your area.

    Learn everything you can about FMLA. has FMLA info and forms as well.

    UPS will probably require you to use all but one week of vacation, and your sick days and optionals.

    FMLA Leave can be used by the hour, the day, or the week, and scheduled intermittently.

    In your situation, UPS can not refuse you FMLA Leave.

    The law prohibits UPS from retaliating against you.

    FMLA Leave is described in Contract Article 16, Section 6.
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    What, do you get a comission every time someone takes FMLA? You sure seem to push it every time someone mentions anything about time off.

    Be sure to check on the Short Term Dissability, it is a benefit you get thru the Union, at least you would be getting some pay why your off, I think it's about 60% of your average weekly pay.
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    I`m glad to see Jon promote it to help others be aware of their options under the law. While it might not be the best option in this situation for rellek it IS still a choice,and right,for he to consider as is your information.

    To add to Jon`s post though,to use FMLA in the intermediate level it must be applied for as such at the initial submission.