Ghost Stories or Weird Happenings

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    On Friday I came across a contractor sitting and smoking outside an empty house he was renovating. He had a sense of relief when I pulled up and walked to my car. He said that this house has some things going on that was so bad that he called his boss to pull him out of this job and assign him somewhere else.

    I walked to the back door with my package and he followed me there. He showed me the area where he just pulled the old flooring out. The house he is working on is set way back in the woods and very "Dark Shadows" looking.

    He says there were sounds coming out of the basement like children laughing and running. Even though it was the middle of the day the room was dark and eerie. I walked halfway into the room and saw the stairs leading down to the basement. It had a very cold draft coming from down there and I wasn't going to explore any further.

    I asked him what did he experience that made working here freak him out. For one, He would open the windows in the room he was working in and after stepping out for a few minutes the windows would be closed (this happened twice). But the part that put him over the edge was when he was finished tearing out the carpet in the basement, he lined the floors with a floor protecting sheet. As he was tearing out the carpet in the room above the basement, he ran downstairs when the sound of kids playing it caught his attention even though the radio was blasting in the room he was working in. No, no kids anywhere, but the paper sheets he laid down earlier were crumpled like someone ran over it.

    It was at this point he ran outside and called his boss as I drove up. Weird Eh?
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    Maybe there were some children around? I remember when I was younger my friends and I would go running through houses under construction for the fun of it. If a contractor pulled up, we'd just hide in the basement.
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    hey blackbox, anyone who posts his location as area 51 probably listens to coast to coast with George Nouri. I've heard stories like this on numerous of this program's shows.
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    When I run this one rural route,on about three different occasions I have seen this Mexican woman dressed in black holding a small child of about 8 years of age in front of her. Definiteley the same people alongside the road, in the middle of nowhere. The next town, pop. 7,knows nothing about these two people. They are always standing in the same spot by the side of a two lane road.

    Three times I have seen them. Very strange and very eery(so?).
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    A friend's aunt has a house that has been marked as haunted. You'll just be sitting around and see a person dressed in black walk past the window outside. Then when you look out, there is no body there. Flat, clear land all around. No place to hide.
    I left immediately after that, and never went back.

    It's said that if a house is "haunted" that remodeling and the like could waken the "spirits."
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    I hate that show "Ghost Hunters". The whole show is in low-light mode, and they never find anything!

    "Ghost Whisperer" is great tho! Turn the volume off, and watch Jennifer!!!

    (Alright, not sure where I was going with any of that....)
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    Ya I think one of my trucks that I load is haunted. I'll throw a box in there and when I'm straightening up at the end of the day I can't find it.