Gibson Guitar raids! Oh no, dont blame OBAMA!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Sep 7, 2011.

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    As much as FOXED SPEWS is trying to blame the OBAMA administration for raiding the Gibson guitar company twice, what they and the talking heads fail to mention is the law that Gibson violated.

    First of all, lets look at the law. Its called the "LACEY ACT of 1900". It has been amended several times to expand its coverage, and it was last modified during the BUSH administration by BUSH to include types of WOODS.

    Obama has nothing to do with the law, its expansion or enforcement.

    Gibson was warned during the BUSH administration over its importing of woods from INDIA and surrounding countries. The law itself spells out that any attempt of falsifying the labeling of wood products (ie: sawn ebony wood is banned but labeled as oak)

    Gibson is in trouble with two countries, India and the USA. Gibson broke Indias law on exporting unfinished wood, and Gibson broke the law here by importing wood falsely labeled.

    This investigation goes back to the Bush DOJ and its the Obama DOJ who are handling the case now.

    "it is not in anyway odd for the U.S. to enforce the law of another country. Moreover, the affidavit below claims a series of false or misleading statements in the documentation related to this shipment. The agent details what is alleged to be “fraudulently” labeled wood that is an attempt to evade an Indian ban on exports of unfinished wood. ""

    The republicans are trying to make this an "obama" inspired problem to kill jobs, but thats just not true.

    Gibson knew what it was doing, and knew the risks they were taking when they continued to import the banned wood. Indeed, they make great guitars, but the law is the law.

    The republicans plan to have the owner of Gibson Guitars sitting in John Boehners box during Obamas speech in order to parade him on the mis information tour.

    The republicans will stoop to whatever levels they have to , even if it means going under the sewer to play politics with Obama.

    What a joke.

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    All the other guitar companies use the same come they aren't raided? The wood is OK if it has frets(?) added to it by Indian workers, but if it's naked wood, then it's not's the same wood! It puts 40 Americans out of work at their plant if the Indian workers do the frets first.

    The other guitar companies are headed up by Democrats.....Gibson is headed up by a Republican......hmmmm!
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    Again, you buy into the mis information provided to you by foxed spews and the talking heads. THAT WOOD IS ON THE BAN LIST. Nobody uses that wood or imports it illegally.

    If the india people do the work, they are complying with INDIAS law, not the USA law, dont you listen to anything I tell you? I explained the law to you very clearly. Time for a new prescription maybe?

    If gibson has to lay off any employees, thats completely on GIBSON for violating the law. What happened to enforcing the laws in this country? You are all over Obama for not enforcing the laws, and yet, when a company breaks a law, and they are a republican contibutor, you say, let them avoid the law.

    Make up your mind.

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    same old, same old...............are you sure you aren't Barack?
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    If the law is being broken, then punish all the offenders.......all guitar companies, not just one.
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    we need WK or DS's guitar expertise here. Is Gibson the only violating company?
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  8. moreluck

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  9. Baba gounj

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    All Gibson has to do is stop giving money to the GOP, and instead give it to the DNC.
    Case Closed.
    ( for tos, it's a new play on an old criminal racket called Extortion. )
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    Show me another case where another guitar company is illegally importing the same banned wood under a false name? Moreluck, you are a sucker for the SPEWS of the foxed network. Gibson was warned during the bush administration to clean up there act, and they didnt. They tried to circumvent the law of the land. Its that simple.

    You can try and transition that into something completely different to fit you tea time dialog, but it fails on this thread. The facts are on this page. You cant dispute them.

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    Again with the same mis information. The banned wood that Gibson is illegally importing is called SAWN EBONY wood, NOT ROSEWOOD. The banned wood was FALSELY LABELED Rosewood and thats how they got caught.

    Nice try moreluck, but again, you fail on the subject.

  12. The Other Side

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    Your article that you posted starts with a complete twist of the facts of the case long before it tries to tell the wrong story:

    " Fed Raid on Gibson Guitar Company Enforcing Policy . . . or a Push to Target 'Made in the USA'?""

    Is this title suppose to inform the reader of the facts of the case or is this a political opinion piece one sided right winged nonsense that is usually spewed on fox?


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    The sites I posted were for tourist because he asked about the story. They weren,'t for you because you already think you know it all, most almighty steward.
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    I know the truth moreluck.. I LOOK before I leap. How was the bottom of the cliff on this post going for ya?

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    The raid on Gibson was politically other guitar makers were raided. These are my original words and I don't give a flying *%&# what you think. I have my own opinion on the subject and as usual it doesn't jive with yours.

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    Funny how your words and foxed spews words coincide on the same day fox broke the story to the public? What a coincedence that all the talking heads on foxed spews today said it was politically motivated and you all by yourself without the benefit of the facts other than a political hit piece from fox news say the same thing?

    Thats amazing!

    Hmm, lets see, a 24 hour news channel running the story over and over every 15 minutes all day long saying its politically motivated all the way up to political donations, and you say the same thing?

    Sounds fishy?

    I aint buying it. Glad to see another demonstration where thoughts are implanted and then grow with hours of harvesting.

  17. satellitedriver

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    Here's a wood joke for you.
    Qbama has approved selling wood to a communist country than we have been banned trading with for 53yrs.
    I guess if you reverse the words banned and wood it is ok with Mr. B.
    Texas telephone poles in Cuba. Who would have thought that as possible?

    Great concept, Mr. B.
    Improving the lives of our enemy, while attacking our own economy.
  18. The Other Side

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    Nice try but no cigar. This law that Gibson violated was written and passed in 1900. IT was amended by the bush administration to include wood products and Gibson was warned at that time. That fact that they are caught now does not make it obamas problem.

    Trading with Cuba is going to be the policy of the United States as Cuba is making strides to changes it ways. Change has to start somewhere Sat, and the poles being sold are not ENDANGERED SPECIES of WOOD like Gibson is trying to smuggle in the USA.

    Better get with moreluck in the AM and crunch the morning foxed news report for your next thoughts for the day.

  19. moreluck

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    Seems like all this raid crap will accomplish is that every guitar player in the music industry will NOT vote for Obama in 2012. Silver lining!!
  20. Baba gounj

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    ok, tos
    Where were the criminal charges against Gibson filed ? what courthouse ? Who was taken away in handcuffs ?
    Seems that all they took were some files and all different types of materials.
    Why didn't they arrest the receiver who signed for said illegal products ?
    Some body's name must be on the paperwork.
    And when Gibson closes all of their factories and moves them out of the USA , a loss of thousands of jobs, who will have to take the blame ?
    I wish for an open trial and soon, I want to see just what their case REALLY looks like in front of a judge. I can see it now the gov't lawyer asking for more and more extensions ( delays ) saying that they need more time to compile their facts.