Giving back to the community....harder than you think

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  1. So, my new feeder run has alot less hours(about 15) than my previous run. Consequently, I have alot of "free" time. I'm interested in teaching adult literacy. Seems simple enough. Right? Background check.....flying colors. I knew I was in trouble after I met the coordinator. A nice enough lady/librarian type. I needed a little flexibility(being a UPS guy). Nope. This time/way or nothing. OK. We live in a newer neighborhood with some gang graffiti around. I see it on my daily walks. We have a graffiti task force in my city. I asked the Sup. if I could become a time, expense, car, paint etc. Never a call back. There is a vintage airplane museum in our city. Being a certified airplane mechanic.....could I volunteer? Little if any interest. I'm pretty confused and baffled. My wife had similar dealings at a womens shelter. She doesn't even volunteer any more. You? BTW- I directed my United Way donation this year to the public library where I tried to volunteer....we'll see if they notice. As a side note-I mentioned to the librarian/coordinator lady, I found them on the United Way website.....she didn't even know they were listed on there!
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    A noble endeavor indeed. I worked with literacy volunteers of america for a while, but never got to tutor. At the time I was part time, and had the time to do it, now I dont. I found a link, but its Prince William County. Im sure there are others, but I cannot imagine them telling you this time, this place period. But I believe you. Yes its hard to volunteer.
  3. Well, I have determined that just because someone is in a position of "leadership" doesn't mean they are qualified or very good at it(witness some supervisors at UPS). I have found that trying to "help" folks whether working on a car, motorcycle etc. or teaching.........alot of the time, they simply don't want to help themselves, lazy(sometimes) or are so jaded they think you want something from them or there's an angle. Then you start to see why they are in the position they are in.
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    My wife in an Americorps volunteer this year tutoring math to grade school kids. What a freaking nightmare!!!! The volunteer coordinator (Federal employee) does not return emails, the system set up for tracking volunteer hours does not work with tutors and the school where my wife volunteers, is not following the program guidelines. She is supposed to be working 20 hours a week, 3 days a week, NO special ed kids. They have her scheduled for 25 hours a week, 15 kids (5 are special ed) and no volunteer credit for prep time. Because prep time is not included, she is spending 35ish hours a week doing the work.

    She has called her direct supe, that person's supe and a couple of steps up. No help at all.

    During orientation, she was told about all the things she would need to do to be a successful, volunteer math tutor. She added up everything she was told to buy on her own and it came up to close to $50/week. She has to provide all the supplies used, for her and the students, all the activity materials (which is also supposed to research and decide which activities are appropriate, no guidelines or suggestions or recommendations). She was also told that on test days, it was recommended that she bring breakfast for her students, on her dime.

    The people that are getting paid to coordinate the program are beyond useless and the very definition of 'sucking at the government trough.' It is so very irritating to know that a program with very noble goals is circling the drain due to inept management.

    From what I have seen, government employees are not interested in working with volunteers, as they do nothing to increase their budgets.
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    That is sad, no wonder they are begging for volunteers, yet when you want to help.. well no you have to adhere to their schedule. I am sure there are people out there with no hope, that would love the help whenever you can offer it. Too bad they dont get the chance to say, Yes Im free at 6pm. etc. I could meet at Mcdonalds, etc. It is a control thing.
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    The only place that I have seen that will take volunteers and work with them are places that have a volunteer coordinator. Animal shelters seem to get lots done with volunteers, so does 4H and FFA.

    Good luck with your search and thank you for at least trying.

  7. Bingo.
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    I know a few people who volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and have always said positive things about it.

    Of course, if you feel your first need you wanted to fill, Adult Literacy, is not being fulfilled then why not start your own organization? Find a local church or adult center that has a posting board for help wanted & put up a notice. Start small and build from there.
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    I think I have a fetish for hot librarians. I think it's those glasses they really gets me going.
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    I have librarian glasses with chain and all...
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    Yea but they also need to be hot and female too.
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    I have the more important requirement...I'm hot.
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    Same here.
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    Volunteer firefighter. Can't beat it. Exempt from jury duty for life, receive LOSAP that I can collect at age 62, did 7 years in the quota so when I do kick the bucket my funeral is paid for by the state exempts association, I get a small paid-per-call sum, free beer, the best of friends, ride on the shiny fire engine, and the receive the admiration of young kids everywhere.
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    How about wildlife centers that take injured animals that can be rehab-ed and returned to the wild?

    How about the Patriot Guard that offers Honor, Dignity and Respect to fallen heros and their families and other Veteran related causes?
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    Great organization, I have helped build a couple of Habitat homes. We completely frame the whole house working all day on a Saturday. New homeowner had to help and promise to participate with another one. Their house note was under $200 a month.