Giving Fred What he Pays For

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    I have a co-worker who is a 7 year employee. He has always been "Mr. Everything". He is a Haz Specialist, an International Specialist, and he does Genesis. Whatever managenment has needed, he has been there for them. He makes about $7.00 per hour less than a topped-out employee.

    Fred's latest pay scam finally got this guy to see the light. He is so angry that he just "resigned" from all of the extra responsibilities and is simply a regular courier now. He no longer goes above and beyond on the road either, and I've noticed him calling in sick..a lot.

    We had lunch Monday and he told me that the senior had pulled him into the office for TLA and was wondering why there had been such a change in attitude. When the courier told him, out came the standard line that "we are working on the problem" and "things will be changing". To his credit, the courier told the manager that he would resume the extra duties when he received pay equity.

    We've already had freight miss the CTV and the CTV miss the plane because nobody can really fill this guy's shoes.

    There you go Freddie. Sometimes people wise-up to your crap.


    I cannot tell a lie, I used to be that "go-to" guy. Someone breaks down, I would take a truck and wait on the wrecker, sometimes for several hours (which never bothered me, I was on the clock..). Powerpad goes takes a crap, here, let me drive 40 miles out of my way to give you mine, or better yet, even if I just punched out, I will scratch it out and run one out. Now, I could care less. It was right around 7-8 year mark that I learned this.

    One of my buddies was involved in the displacement screw job we recently had. He was the golden boy who could do no wrong, then his "buddy" manager took an SM job out of state. Uh-oh....not so golden anymore, and now he's been busted down to part-time. He is at the 8 year mark and he realizes that FredEx isn't the bed of roses it was made out to be.

    If I didn't have so much time in, I would jump ship right the hell now.
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    We have one of those at my station, five year courier who does DG, genesis and all the rest, even though he is only PT. We had a huge bulk come in a couple of weeks ago that would need to be taken out in two trucks. I volunteered to do it because I wanted the hours (very easy hours I might add), and when I came back from my route, and not hearing anything about it, I see him loading the freight onto his truck. I went to my OM and said that I should be getting those hours, not this guy. When he asked me why I thought that, I just said 'cause I have seven more years seniority! He relented, and I got 5 hours of very easy work. Loaded up the first load, drove 30 miles to the stop, came back, loaded up the second load and went back!!


    I used to feel real bad about bumping lower seniority people off of stuff, especially when I first became full time, because I remembered how hard it could be sometimes to get hours....I got over it pretty quick.

    This attitude is what this company does to people now.