Glad to pay union dues

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    Sup with me on Friday told me they were losing their Christmas bonus, which is a half month of pay. Did nothing but complain; no raise, 401K match stopped, no Christmas Bonus, heath care benefits being partially eliminated next year and probably will not get MIP this year. He explained MIP is the end of the year profit sharing they used to get. Said it was a good portion of his pay at one time. Didn't they want to take over our pension. The company made over 800 million in profit last qtr and they are still cutting. I may be working more hours and having every step watched; but I am still getting paid. Yea and we went over how I can drive better to.
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    Sometimes we all need to be more thankful for what we have (including myself). :peaceful:
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    If UPS had it their way a third of us would be bumped back into the hubs/centers and the drivers still on the road would be sent out with AT LEAST 10 hours of work. And how many part-timers would be laid off in the process? Yep....glad to be union. The sad thing is that the cutting back is not just going on on recession areas. They are doing it in areas that were never touched by the recession.
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    Is this the 2013 contract model the company's aiming for?
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    No because it doesn`t mention cutting our pay by 30%.
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    Your supervisor needs to quit complaining about his pay cut. Scott Davis just gave himself a multimillion dollar raise. That money has to come from somewhere. Sometimes, we all just have to be willing to suck it up and take one for the team.
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    couple points.

    UPS did not make 800 million profit last quarter, it was 445, which is a reduction of 49% over the prior year. If your take home pay went down by 49%, you would likely do some drastic things as well, or at least you should.

    Your sup is either mis-informed or not being truthful about the bonus, there has been no announcement about that. Yet.

    MIP will likely be here this year, as it is based on profit and we are still making that. It will be smaller than in years past, undoubtedly.

    I do agree with sober on one point, the sup certainly should not have spent the day bitching to you about all that. That is not his job and you have enough to deal with without having to listen to all that.
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    and yet Scott Davis still makes well below the average for people at his rank in comparable companies, so he can claim he is doing his part to help the company's health and therefor to help all who make their living from the company. Can you say the same?
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    I heard from a sup just yesterday the same thing that the OP posted. The sup was really upset over the medical plan changes and the sup said that in the next life he would like to be a Teamster!
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    What part of your body do you have Scott's name tattooed?
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    Keep drinking that brown Kool-Aid.
  12. soberups

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    10 years ago when our stock went public and split, several management people in my building became millionares on paper.

    I got a $.65 per hour raise, per the labor agreement.

    I didnt complain. I got what I was entitled to, while my management team was rewarded for the risks they took and the career choices they made.

    Now that the worm has turned, I'm still not complaining...but I dont want to hear any whining from the former millionares, either. They are simply seeing the other side of the coin that they chose to flip.

    IMHO the job of a CEO is to lead by example. I have very little respect for the example that Scott Davis is choosing to set. The pay raise he granted himself is quite literally coming out of the pockets of the people beneath him.
  13. bluehdmc

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    $445 million PROFIT! Isn't that after salaries, expenses, etc? While yes it is less than last year it is still PROFIT!
    It was not a loss.
    That's not the same as your "take home pay going down".
    If your spouse lost her job, (if you had one) or getting bumped back to the hub with the pay reduction would cause someone's pay to go down.

    $800 million vs $445 million is like getting your run cut from 60 hrs wk to 50 because in a sense OT is bonus money anyway and one shouldn't count on it.

    While Scott Davis may be " making well below the average for people of his 'rank' at comparable companies" didn't he know that going in?
    (let's not even get into banker's salaries).
  14. softshoe

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    Only 445 Million! Maybe Scottie should give back some of his preformance bonus.
  15. klein

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    xmas bonus, what the hell is that ? You get it in the US ?
    We got a $25 grocery giftcertificate last yr ! The previous years it was actually a frozen Turkey.... but , it's easier to hand out a $25 gift certificate now.... and we rather have that.... then to take a Turkey home.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I sure hope your new job does not require reading comprehension.

    The perks that were lost were management perks.
  17. TheDick

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    I heard the turkey coupon is gone this Xmas also.
    Oh well i always gave it to the poor or something anyways
  18. klein

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    Same here, it was a store, that I actually don't shop at... met someone in need... said here.. there is $25.00 worth of groceries for ya.
  19. brownIEman

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    Look, there have been drastic changes in the operations this year. All I am saying is this company is making 49% less than it did last year and there SHOULD be drastic changes. If you took home 49% less than last year you would make drastic changes in your lifestyle, as you should. So why would anyone say to UPS, you still made plenty of money this quarte, so what if it was half what you made last year it is fine. If I told one of the laid of drivers in my preload "hey, you should be happy with the paycheck you are taking home now, so what if it is 49% less than you where making before, you are still making money", he would think I was a jackass, and rightly so. Those people who get whine about the operational changes UPS is making and say "hey, UPS is making money, they should be happy about it, who cares if it is 49% less than last year" are quite frankly displaying a tad bit of jackassery.
  20. brownIEman

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    maybe he should...