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    UN wants developed (us) nations to pay the underdeveloped nations......would that be the same underdeveloped nations that we send aid to all the time? Helping in the War against AIDS?

    I say, look at China's air.....when their air looks like the USA's then come and talk to us.
    I sure hope Buck doesn't sign on for this crap.......and if he does, stop all the charitable aid in order to pay the new fines. Something's gotta give. Oh, and drop out of the U.N. let some other country be their sugar daddy! And kick them out of the N.Y. building.

    U.N. Floats Global 'Climate Court' To Enforce Emissions Rules | Fox News
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    I agree.
    Let some other country " enjoy " the honor of hosting the UN.
    We have done our part and it's time for the UN to move closer to areas where they do most of their work.
    I'm sure some of the poorer countries would welcome the UN HQ .