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The current part time supervisor position is no more that a contingence plan when our reliable and dependable union part timer workforce quits or does not show up for work. In our building people have quit filing grievances on them because it is so commonplace now, the only way you can tell that they are in supervision is they have a cleaner shirt on (all baby faced kids). They all come to work dressed for manual labor, work shoes, gloves etc. When they try to make our Union part timers to work faster, they generally get a response back like: "What you going to do about it" with the clear understanding that they could go to McDonalds and make the same kind of money without being yelled at. It is a joke..


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How can you ask for a raise at times like this
If they’d just put 2 irreg/bulk teams on in my building (45-50 routes) they’d save a ton of time from drivers having obsessive overtime mostly because of bricked out trucks. I’m at 34.5hrs worked this week and it’s only been 3 days. Going out with 180-195 stops is crazy... Orion dispatch time of 11hrs with supervisors hounding drivers that they’re 1-2.5 hrs ‘over’ according to the metrics yet drivers stating they’re 30 min to 1.5hrs UNDER according to Orion.

Problem is, they can’t get drivers. The PT staff see the loads and treatment so nobody wants to sign up.

The off-street hires they send to class then they realize HR lied to them and it could be 1-5 months till it’s their ‘turn’ for the 30 days on-road... and didn’t inform them that peak doesn’t count towards that time.

The building manager states local/preload is ‘mandatory’ and threatens gross insubordination/disqualification if you don’t come in and deniss the 30 in 90 qualification days so people can maintain a FT job while ‘slaving’ through the PT positions so they’re elegible to even drive the 30 qualifying days.


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PT sups deserve an increase in their minimum just like the PT hourlies. No raise in MIP, just a change in vesting.
You're a PT supervisor. You're easily replaced. 6 kids from McDonald's are right around the corner. How hard is it to say "load faster!".


In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier
Took me a few reads of Delacroix's posts the past several days, but the humor is real! At times, great use of sarcasm so strong it's believable
I credit it to watching way too many "Monty Python" movies when I was in my 20's, gotten worst as I got older. Have to admit we have a lot of material to work with in our work environments.