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Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by air_upser, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Received a memo today about UPS's global workforce. Lot's of big words and alternative names, but the bottom line interpretation from my perspective is "we are moving IT functions to lower cost countries like India and China."

    Anyone else get/hear the memo? Apparently they will be UPSers, but making $5 a day. I'm sure they'll offer relocations if you take the pay cut :)

    I really hate what UPS is becoming. Instead of taking care of it's workers, it's making the excuse "everyone else is doing it" to justify making another buck. With things as they are, I guess I need to count my blessings that I still have a job and benefits......for now!
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    Outsourcing is not going anywhere; in fact, the number of companies either already outsourcing or looking in to oursourcing seems to grown on an almost daily basis. Have you tried calling tech support for Linksys lately? India. The bottom line will always be the determining factor in choices a company makes, whether it be a Mom and Pop store or a multi-billion dollar company such as ours.

    BTW, are you sure that the people who will be handling some of this work will be UPS employees or will they simply be employed by a company hired by UPS to handle this work?
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    this sounds ominously similar to the other thread, "Layoffs in I.S." I'd love to see a copy of this memo...
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    Yes. Outsourcing... Brillant....

    Is interesting with the number of U.S. companies looking to save a buck. These same organizations overspend on everything except what is import. They are the same organizations that are over leveraged and have thinning margins at he sake of what is deemed to be profitable for the stakeholders however the beneficiary seems to be the corporate chiefs and the stakeholders end up with the aftermath of what were seemingly good decisions... UPS has become the average company that in 10 to 15 years from now will wonder why the company is out of business... They will blame it on the employees and the rising cost of heathcare.... The reality is the bad decisions started from the time UPS went public to the time we are all un-employeed or under-ground... Let's save some money and outsource to the lowest bidder... After-all they provide the best service for which the UPS organization was built on.......
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    That's ludicruxly low, totally absurd...I've heard they will be making $25/day!
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    One of the big reasons that UPS (at least the Air part) wouldn't be successful outsourcing is that the business side changes so quickly. They often can't or won't commit to fixed requirements because the needs are so dynamic. Outsourcing only works with very well-defined requirements and consistent management of their implementation. Almost impossible in our environment.
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    Oh man, your in major denial. Mgmt already expressed the desire to eliminate most of SDF IT and start to try and move it to NJ originally 2 years ago. They only gave up when the realized that NJ is in 10x worse shape and skills shortage than air.

    But, where your clearly going wrong is that your using logic here.

    We all know that at UPS this has NOTHING to do with the actual decisions regularly made since going public.

    Ug, now that I think about it, the fact that YOU can clearly point this out and know this to be true, it ACTUALLY makes it MORE LIKELY for just such a bone headed decision like that will be made.

    Not to mention that it would be just like UPS to obviously wait for a downturn in the economy to throw their people out onto the street with a massive outsourcing. Nope, we could not do it during a good economy when everyone would have a better time finding jobs elsewhere, that would make too much sense.

    sigh - it is all so true it hurts