Go to hell tdu

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 407steward, Aug 9, 2013.

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    my bad on the other thread you can't edit the title
    ps I've only had one beer so don't go throwing out accusations
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    Why is that the TDUers who call themselves "reformers" and run for local election look like either the Adams Family or the Island of Misfit Toys?
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    Is it because they are inbred ??
  5. stink219

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    Notice how nobody admits to being TDU. A few just say they follow them for information. Why is that? What's worse is the guy that says they don't follow them yet defends every action against the Termites.
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    Will "TEAMCARE" cover the costs of your love child with anonymous?
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    Any tdu person is no different than the teamster homers. Both groups are seeing what they WANT to see.
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    Simple answer: Yes
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    Damn wanna chime in but waaaaayyy to drunk. 2:42am right now. 407 advice was don't post drunk. S
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    Sorry 407 I didn't listen :(
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    12:50, TDU stick suckin'
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    12:59 and they still suck. Wanna bet they suck more after 1:00??
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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

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    Yup 8:30am, still suckin'
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    Who the F is this guy?
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    Someone who is banned. Ha ha to the troll.
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    What a D bag! I guess in a way it's flattering to have someone want to be you.
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    Kind of reminds me of the song "The Bears still suck " by the Happy Schnapps Combo.