God Bless America

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Kate Smith: Singing God Bless America in the days before President Obama

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    God Bless Moreluck !!!

    I am sitting in a treatment room, alone. The sound of music either draws unwanted attention or attention from unexpected people.

    The other day I stammered out to ask if it was okay to listen to a song from Camelot play on my laptop. The response was luke warm, that was before I played it. The mood changed and it was nice to listen to a few folks sing to my laptop.

    Today...I didn't bother to ask if I could play the music...I just cranked Kate Smith belting out God Bless America !!!

    I raise my glass to you, More!!! :happy-very:

    You made a difference in my day. You made a difference in the Outpatient department where I am currently posting this message.

    So as I started this post...so I end it....God Bless You Moreluck and God Bless America!!!
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    I am more than curious. Was it the song from Camelot I sent you? Or was it another one, and if so, which one?
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    It was the one you sent me...:happy-very:
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    Klein's National Anthem! :happy-very:

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    Don't you just love it when people make great spectacles of grand patriotic fanfare! Warms the patriotic heart!

    And even one time foreign leaders were warmly welcomed by all to help in the efforts!

    And if there is any illusion that somehow we Americans elect leaders in a free democratic elective process in stark opposition and contrast to such mega maniacs like Hitler and Mussolini, here's just the tip of the iceberg!


    Tell em Willie B
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    This thread was intended to be respectful............
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    I find that a little hard to believe, seeing as how you started off by taking a shot at the current president.
    My father loves the Kate Smith version, btw. And course he has it on vinyl :happy-very:
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    Unintended consequences!


    Sorry but I just don't buy into the false patriotism for the purpose of propaganda in advancing certain political and economic self interests. Especially when that interest forces me by the point of a gun to help pay for it.

    I tend to agree with Woody Guthrie when it comes to this song!

    And let's be honest for once, when comes right down to it, how does this guy

    really different all that much from this guy?


    Their jobs are to just enforce the law and if someone resists, they have the right to force compliance by whatever means up to and by the means of lethal force. Their job is to make sure the will of the people are in compliance with the will of the State all because a larger group voted themselves to be gods.

    People berate and rightly so the Hitler German State for it's sins and the large numbers of innocent civilians murdered at the hands of it's public policy. I wonder if we have the courage to hold that same critical eye upon our own society using the same standards we hold them too?

    NO? And you want me to respect that?
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    This thread Post #1 was Kate Smith singing God Bless America. How is that a poke at Obama ??????????????

    I just pointed out that historiccally, it was before Obama
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    wkmac....you're incorrigible !!! :bloodshot:
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    Thank you !!! You made my day.
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    Mine too!

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    he takes it as a compliment
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    I would!
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    hmm,,, how does he do that? Buddha is dead
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    Well, they're all dead I reckon, except to those who believe in them. I just thought it was a cute bumper sticker.:happy2: