God Bless America

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 6, 2011.

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    God Bless America
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    Good post WKMAC. Sad, but true.

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    What's even better that folks like More seem to overlook is that civilian court trials of terror suspects (there's been a couple) have all resulted in conviction. In the case of the military tribunals at Gitmo, there have been acquittals and dismissal of charges so if More is really wanting the hangman's noose every time, the civilian courts are where the prosecution is batting 1000 so seems to me she would want her team to play in the best ballpark when it comes to winning %. Even Holder wants to play at home because he understands it's a hitter's ballpark.

    And yeah, scaring chicken little is loads of fun too!
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    Somebody has to be scared. There's a lad ( not suppose to say boy, but man doesn't fit either) in the W.H. who is a sneaky bastard and smiles broadly to catch a few seconds of time while he thinks up non-answers to the same questions over & over again. He's a professional snake-oil salesman. He could probably sell ice to the Inuits.....But, that doesn't make him a leader.

    I still think the military can be tougher on trials for terrorists.......too many ACLU'ers in civil juries. I'd like to see professional jurors, but that's another thread too.

    I just don't like the idea of a terrorist "casing the joint". Keep them out of here.
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    With Google Earth and other similar software the "joint" is "cased" on a daily basis.

    Case in point--we were in Albany (NY) for my daughter's wedding and some of the guests needed directions to the venues. The hotel we were staying at (Courtyard by Marriott) has an interactive web-based bulletin board that, among other things, has Google Earth. After getting all of the directions I showed them just how good that software is. Next to the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner is a U-Haul office. On top of this building is a life-sized U-Haul truck. We were able to zoom down to where we could read the panels on the truck. This is commercial software--imagine the capabilities of much more sophisticated software.
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    But did it show that blue buick parked in the handy cap parking spot?
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    Good point Upstate and with street level detail, you can sit 1000's of miles away and almost be there at there same time. That hill I lived on and sledded down in 1964' sure seemed a whole lot steeper that what if looked like on Google Earth.

    I'm wondering if More bought the latest cock and bull story from INGSOC in another warning about the forces of Goldstein. After reading the story and thinking about the actual processes needed for that to even work, I wondered if the Office of Security Forward Thinking is manned by a group of 12 year olds juiced up on fantasy warfare and possessing overactive imaginations. Even worse is that they think we are those same 12 year olds too.

    In More's case, they may be right!

    Take heart More, you're just one false flag operation away from being able to say, "I told you so!"
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    LMAO!!!!! That was good Trplnkl!
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    No. But only because it was a chevy.
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    The only people that can tell the difference from a distance are the ones that give a damn.