God bless this widow for standing up to UPS

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    I cant believe this, her husband was killed at work 6 years ago and UPS still has not settled. And wont unless she gives them a gag order, well guess what? I feel like talking about this and other yard control and safety related problems. I encourage others to show support for this woman and the courage she has by posting safety concerns and your opinion on this topic.


    In my building UPS was just recently fined by OSHA about $50,000 for safety violations, this is the Palatine facilty out of Illinios.
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    How about part time wannah be sups walking on chutes ,slides and belts to ''get it done'' that is a great example to the employees ,so much for conveyor secure,& the 8 keys or any other of that crap they spread from their stupid Saftey Zone office...
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    we had a driver who was working the car wash in brockton when he was crushed by a tractor trailer i believe his spouse is being paid workmans comp. for the rest of her life if she does not remarry.
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    She can't get workmans comp she not injured and workman comp comes from a state insurance pool that UPS pay into based on how many injury are reported. She is get his social security payments which she can collect for the rest of her life unless she gets married or make more than the limit that they set. If they had children the children would have gotten paid monthly untill they are 18 also.
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    The gag order is standard when companies settle lawsuits it happens all the time compines settle.
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    Survivor Compensation Benefits. If the employee's death was due to the job-related injury, dependents are entitled to the following benefits:

    Widow or Widower and No Eligible Child. The widow or widower is eligible for 50 percent of the deceased employee's regular pay.
    Widow or Widower with Eligible Children. The widow or widower is eligible for 45 percent of the deceased employee's regular pay, plus an additional 15 percent for each child -- to a maximum not to exceed 75 percent of the deceased employee's regular pay.

    Eligible Children and No Widow or Widower. An orphaned child is eligible for 40 percent of the deceased employee's regular pay, plus 15 percent for each additional orphan - not to exceed 75 percent of the deceased employee's regular pay. Benefits are divided among the children, share and share alike.

    Surviving Legal Dependents. If a deceased employee leaves no widow, widower, or child, benefits are paid to the surviving legal dependents of this employee as specified in FECA (5 U.S.C. 8133, 8134 (reference (a)).
    Remarriage or Death. Widows and widowers receive benefits until death, or remarriage, if they are under age 55. If a widow or widower under age 55 remarries, a lump-sum payment equal to 24 times the monthly compensation he or she is receiving at the time of remarriage is made. If the widow or widower is age 55 or older, compensation continues as long as he or she lives, regardless of remarriage.
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    no she is getting workmans comp .
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    Red this is a cheap shot and you know it. I hate to see anyone lose their life but the guy should have known better then to be behind a trailer when the vehicle was backing up. A 17 year feeder supervisor should have known that what he was doing was unsafe. With that said it sounds like UPS is willing to take care of his widow if she signs the gag order.
  10. tieguy

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    your second cheap shot.

    In this case the person violated the yard procedures that were put into place due to the first cheap shot incident you mentioned. No cone was placed and the person had head phones on while cleaning up a spill.
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    How do you figure these are cheap shots? Unless the info in the links is not true, it's just reporting the facts. How do you know there were no cones? So you think the guy that you say was wearing headphones deserved to die? Is it agianst UPS policy to wear headphones while preforming this task? That's either lack of safety standards or lack of enforcement.
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    cheap shot your spouse is dying and you are on fmla leave. ups sends you a letter of termination for missing too much work. your spouce receives it and kills himself the next day. leaves you a note this is better for you. thats a cheap shot. ups wanted me back to work day after funeral. I went they won. got me back to word full time.
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    The company can do no wrong is some peoples eyes.......
  14. UPSGUY72

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    that is not workmans comp workmans comp comes from a state pool
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    Toooooooooooooooooooooooo many years of swallowing the Brown Pill!!!!!! How do these f'n people sleep at night is beyond me!!!!!!!
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    That is a truly heartbreaking reminder of the type of company we work for. UPS would do the same thing to any one of us and no one who works here, hourly or management, should ever forget that fact.
    Deepsouthmamaw I sincerely hope things have gotten better for you because no one deserves to treated like that.
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    Why should she have to sign a gag order? UPS is telling her that she cannot ever talk about her dead husband and how he died? What if it helps us, isnt the companies whole safety speal about the safety of the employees and general public its priority?

    Or is it just as long as we dont talk about it?

    The cheap shot is dragging this out for years, take your blinders off for a minute hear, this company does ot care about you, me or anyone else anymore and they would rather just pay her off and buy her silence. I hope she takes it all the way to court just so we can see how much a life is worth to ups, because than the settlement will become public knowledge.
  18. 705red

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    I in no way was trying to bring up past bad memories for you and I am truly sorry for your loss and what you where put through. I knwo it doesnt help with the pain of losing a loved one, but we are your family and here if you need us.
  19. tieguy

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    I think the cheap shot is that you don't know what you're talking about and you're posting this crap.

    How do we know the lawyer she hired is the not the one dragging this out.

    Do you really think UPS is going to come on this board and give you our side of this affair?
  20. Bubblehead

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    "Our side"? Apparently that's your job and you're winging it in your usual fashion. In a previous thread you asked for proof of the story in the form of an Associated Press article or a police ledger. Here Red provides just that and you are now angling that it's probably her lawyer! Why? Because "our" side can't be wrong. Turn up the volume Spin Doctor.