Going in for the KILL???

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    At my location this week drvrs when returning to the building are supposed to be bringing in at-least 1 DHL lead a night. Since DHL is pulling out of a lot of locations we are trying to go in and get the business. Is this going on anywhere else??? VERY HOT TOPIC.....:biting:
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    I haven't heard of anything like that, however, I hear that we're going to pick up Nordstroms. That's huge if it happens. I've also heard rumors that we may be in bed with Dell again, but hey, like I said. Rumors. I know over here in Spokane, we picked up Mt. Gear which is an additional 1000 pieces a night...things may be looking up for Big Brown.
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    Yes, we were told at the PCM that DHL is dropping out of the ground business. That there would be tons of leads and we should bring at least 1 back per day. I asked if UPS would still be going through with ferrying DHL's air and the sales rep said yes.
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    They are hammering it here. Everyday its the same thing, business is down... need to get sales leads. YA DA YA DA YA DA

    DHL pulled out here about 2 months ago now I think. About 3-4 weeks ago on the rte that I was on I saw a DHL pkg. It was curious to me, but didn't see the customer so I didn't get to ask about it. The pkg I had was a sig req so I left a notice and went on my way. Later that day I get an ODS mess. asking to meet this same cust. When we met I asked her about the DHL pkg and how she got it. I laughed my :censored2: off. It was her new cell phone and she yelled and screamed at them because it was late. They made a 2 hr round trip just to del it and then she called them and told them to come and get it. She refused it because it was late.


    I actually got a DHL pkg today, thru the post office. They are still out there just in a very limited capacity.
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    It's flavor of the week around here.
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    We were told that DHL let their sales force go last week and that they were not taking on any new business. My supervisor told me today that they are going to pull out of the domestic business and focus on the international side of things which is their real strength.

    UPS is giving double points on DHL accounts that switch to UPS as a result of a sales lead. I know that they keep hammering us with these things but I turned in a lead that met these requirements and I fully expect to get the maximum $500.00 pay off before the monitoring period ends. That's real money to me.
  7. 705red

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    I refuse to turn in any more sales leads! I have turned in several sales leads on the same account and they keep getting closed as not sold, yet several months ago this account switched over 100% to ups and they refuse to give me credit for this sales lead. i worked on this customer for 2 years and they screw me out of my lead!

    Now before anyone jumps on me about helping the company grow i agree 100% on it growing. And this is why they have a sales force and when they wont live up to their end of the deal their bd reps can door to door to grow the business, honestly i cant fit anymore work on my truck.
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    I had a BD guy ride with me 2 full days because I didn't have any producing leads. He looked at every stop and package just like I do. Now between the 2 of us we have zero producing leads. Can't make a silk purse out of a calves ear.
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    Red, We have the same problem here. It pisses off everyone.........drivers/customers alike. The inability to follow up on sales leads is astounding. Also, mgt loves to break out rtes and bulk up other rtes. When they do this we are back to 10/11 hr days. Well some of us are, there are those select few that get 8 hr days every day.

    Why do I want to take my valuable time for sales leads just so mgt can force me to work 9/10/11 hrs a day.
  10. The Brown Santa

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    Exactly. Thank you.
  11. brownmonster

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  12. dilligaf

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    Sounds like a contradiction in terms, BM. Mgt pisses off customers and then expects us to go get new customers so mgt can piss them off too. LOL
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    I haven't turned in a sales lead in over 5 years. The funny thing is, I keep getting postcards in the mail thanking me for submitting a sales lead.
    Hmmmm... I wonder what's up with that.

    When someone asks me about opening a pickup account, I tell them to call the 800 number and ask to speak with a business development person. Whether they call or not, I don't care.
  14. soberups

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    Every driver in a center who doesnt turn in a lead winds up being a black mark on his managers report. One way round this...is for management to turn in a lead themselves and put the offending driver's name on it. That way, the management team can show "on paper" that every one of their drivers turned in a lead. There is some guy from Corporate who sits behind a desk, looks at all those reports and gets a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I know I have one of those American Express sales lead cards in a drawer someplace, and it has 20 or 30 bucks on it for a lead that I never even turned in.
  15. BigBrownSanta

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    Maybe I should check the balance on my card. LOL.

    I wonder if the sup will 'fess up if I tell him he can have the card so he can spend his hard earned money.
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    This is my story.

    I have a large international account that was with UPS for over 20 years.
    Thet switched to Duey Huey and Lewey last year for price and had immediate concerns with billing issues.
    I kept turning in leads and no one from UPS would contact them because "their international account rep has to call them- I cant".
    I took this to my district manager so that he would force the "international rep" across the country to contact the customer.
    The next phone call was made from my district level and that person called the head of maintenance! Of course, he could not speak about shipping......

    The bottom line is this: The home office STILL has not been contacted, DHL is apparently going out of business and no one at UPS corporate cares or will expend the energy to get the acount back.

    Wanna guess why I dont turn in any more leads?????
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sales leads awards have been doubled to $1000/lead recently.
  18. sortaisle

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    Actually, they've been pretty good about sales leads over here in Spokane. It's just that it's not presented very well. I personally don't like being forced into sales. I know it's easy and all, but a lot of us just want to go home and don't have time to wander next door to get a number to generate business. It seems to me that we have a sales force that can do that.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I'd be lucky if I even see the DHL truck, so I don't really know which accounts they have. Most of the shippers I talk to won't use DHL for any reason.
  20. 705red

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    Trucks? I have never seen a dhl truck, only the soccer mom mini vans that they drive.