going through grievance process fired!

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    as of three weeks i got walked off they said i tamperd with the intent.i had a fixed up pkg made by security it was misloaded on truck they took pics of pkg early that morning well after an 9 hour day on my industrial route the said pkg got damaged so i taped it up and when i returned to building i put all misloads on belt i had five know i'm going to panel any advice please help.
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    Your gonna have to give more details to get any good advice.
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    I don't understand what you are trying to say.
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    he/she opened the package, which was a decoy dropped in by LP with a camera/tracking device. One of the oldest tricks in the book. The package was probably broken and of course you are NOT supposed to open any package, even if it is already partially open or broken.

    Therefore the package was tampered with since he/she opened it dead to rights.
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    ya open package get thrown in dr bag or tote... you are not re-wrap
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    I am not certain here but sounds like you had multiple misloads, if you did and did not tell anyone about them, took them for a ride and did not sheet them you are going to be in alot of hot water. If all you did is retape a damaged package and followed all other procedures, it will not be a big deal. As I said need more info for good advice.
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    the pkg was salted with pink powder if opened by hand it would be on my hands for hours they say none was on hand pkg tore when i retrieved it from underneath an overweight 125lbs to be exact it had a small tear so i taped it up the pink residue was on pkg it tore on but no one botherd to take pics of that and i did sheet misloads up as missed being thet were so off route management instructed it i've never been so much as given a warning letter in my 10 yr carrer so i'm just confused and does anyone know how panel works thank you for the help wish i could tell you more but like i said never been in this situation
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    I'm guessing they are probably still trying to figure out what your grievance said. Do you have something against punctuation?
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    itrain29, I am going to assume you do not use a computer or type much. You will get some good information on BC. Take your time, type slowly. re-read what you type then post it. You do not have to go fast just take your time.
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    I'd of thought you would have slammed the OP. Just when you think you have someone figured out, they go and change their avatar and posting style.
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    Panel works the same way court does basically. The Union will argue the article 50 was unjustified to a mediator. The company will argue it was, and he will decide your fate. With 10 years and no infractions that helps a lot. The thing that concerns me about this story is LP. Usually they don't plant things unless you're being investigated for theft. Have you had a lot of follow-ups lately? I don't want to be negative here, but I have read a lot more upheld terminations from the panel lately than overturned ones. Hope you win. What did they say at the local level hearing?
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    Ok. So assuming that you followed local policy in your case (in other words, you did what drivers in your center are instructed to do in this type of situation) it easily explains why you got pink. Why did they dispute you version of events? Is it because they feel you did not work as directed? Is it because they just feel you are making up the "torn package" version? What exacly did they say regarding that?

    If others at your center have been told to tape and go, as we have here, you may be able to use their statements as proof you were following orders. If not and you are not supposed to retape, that's going to be harder to make a case on. Which is it?
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    The words of staying calm and trying to focus are easier said than done. However, this is what you must do.

    10 years without any issues is good.

    Stay calm and stick to the facts.

    Everyone makes mistakes.

    Don't let your anxieties make something bigger of this than it is.
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    The pkg they say was not supposed to be on truck.I never had a follow up,and our sups always trained us to tape up damged pkgs.From talking to my rep as of yesterday,he's got more evidence against company.Know does that help?I don't know but in the beginning it sounded like i comitted this cardinal sin.I am a little more confident but you never know,i love my job were lucky to work here in my opinion.Sorry for the computer savy i don't have!
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    Let your bussiness agent do talking at panel. dont be depressed if it goes into deadlock . Just save the money to go next hearing no matter where it is. you screwed up but ups would not have managers hearings panels if we all were perfect . AND remember the company motto you havent worked for ups till you have been fired PLEASE KEEP YOUR HEAD UP GOOD LUCK.:wink2:
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    OTHER Things to remember 1 1who secured and locked package car after they did there thing. oh they didnt SECURE VECH ? HOW MANY OTHERS Went in pkg car after that . if they do it for one they have to do it for all cars:surprised:
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