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    ive been working at ups for a lil over 3 years now and am just going through driving school. my question is does my time at ups help me when i become a driver? there are a bunch of guys with less time than me driving, will i jump them with seniority or do i start at the bottom.
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    There are two types of seniority----classification and company. Classification seniority (PT or FT) trumps company seniority when it comes to bidding. Company seniority prevails when it comes to selecting vacations and if volume decreased to the point where layoffs needed to be made.

    To answer your question, no, you will not jump past them in seniority.
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    thank you
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    Me and another guy assigned to a center just passed our final test and on the same day got assigned a FT route. We're off the street hires.
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    But hen it comes to bidding for a full time job, the highest ranked PT employee who signs the bid will get the job.
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    The way I read what he was trying to say is the drivers already had their seniority so any bidding would be based on their FT seniority date.
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    FTs then PTs. If no FT wants said bid, then it would go to the highest signing PTer.
    We have PT cover drivers here.