Good Job Governor Huckabee...Not

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by MrFedEx, Nov 29, 2009.

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    4 Washington State police officers were executed today by a "suspect" who was recently given an early release by Gov.Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Among this career criminal's offenses were child rape, assault on a police officer, and 1st degree armed robbery, the last offense being the one committed in Arkansas. What is this guy doing out on the street?

    The 4 officers were sitting at a coffee shop doing pre-shift work on their laptops when allegedly targeted by one Maurice Clemens, who calmly produced a handgun after acting like he was getting in line to get a cup of coffee. One cop apparently was able to get some shots off before being finished-off by the suspect.

    I just wanted to give a tip of the hat to that great "law and order" leader you folks have in Arkansas. What is your excuse going to be, Mikey?
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    This bodes well, potentially for Democrats and Liberals to attack any run this man might have for Federal office position.

    Mr. Huckabee, will need all the political spinning and Deion Sanders type backpeddeling in order to come out somewhat undamaged, if this is indeed the case.
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    Huckabee was on O'reilly tonight just manning up and telling it like it was.....unlike Tiger.
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    Tiger doesn't owe an explanation to the public. His position of golf player is an unelected one
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    Tiger is quite the role model isn't he? I'm sure he "wasn't" drinking and driving. It's especially telling that he won't talk to the cops. I'm sure if I told the police I didn't want to talk to them about a DUI they'd just say "OK". Nothing like a double standard for the rich and famous, or the politically untouchables.
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    I`m sure Tigers wife has done all the manning up he needs for awhile.
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    The suspect in the murders of these officers is still on the is believed that one of the officers was able to shoot him, so the authorities have been on the lookout at local medical clinics for someone who is leaking from a bullet wound. I'm hoping the scumbag bleeds out slowly and suffers greatly before dying and saving the taxpayers the cost of a trial.
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    They say that officer fought (gun battle) that guy right out of the diner before succumbing to his wounds.

    I too hope the assailant dies a painful death.
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    He's dead! At least the state doesn't have to feed & house him......his relatives may be a different story.:sad-little:
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    Oh good! Haven't checked the news yet.
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    My cop friends think that the wife beat Tiger with a golf club and the accident was the result of the fight, not DUI. Several celebrity websites are saying that his injuries are consistent with being hit with a club, not a car wreck. No airbag deployment, which means a low speed impact. The wife could be charged with domestic violence as well. Mr Wood's squeaky-clean image is history.
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    Huckabee's explanation was pathetic. O'Reilly tossed softball questions. Clemmons never should have been released from jail. anyone. Huckabee commuted sentences of hundreds of other dirtbags that have gone on to commit major crimes. Numerous articles critical of the releases have been in the Arkansas press for years, with a front page feature on Clemmons as late as 2004.

    Huckabee for janitor in 2012.
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    Q: Why did Tiger Woods hit a tree and a fire hydrant?

    A: Because he couldn't decide between an iron and a wood.

    Rim shot...............
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    Did you actually listen to Huckabee's explanation or did you just hear the CNN version? The sentence Huckabee lowered for a 16-17 year old was quite appropriate. That action taken didn't put Clemmons on the street and surely didn't cause him to return to a life of crime. What Huckabee did was allow for rehabilitation and for his progress to be assesed at an appropriate time by the parol board. They are the ones that returned him to the streets. Then after commiting new crimes he was released on low bail by pantywaist judges that have no business setting on the bench.
    I'm not a big Huckabee fan, but the retoric blaming him for the cop killings is just stupid.
  16. Jones

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    If the worst you can say about Huckabee is that he's too forgiving and willing to give people a second chance then that's not a bad thing. The real problem here is the whole concept of executive pardons. Governors and Presidents should not have the power to circumvent the courts by arbitrarily releasing convicted prisoners based on nothing more than their own opinions about the facts of the case. I'm not against the idea of commuting sentences per se, but the process should be handled within the court system, overseen by a judge with input from prosecutors and the inmate's attorneys. Huckabee should never have been the primary decision maker.
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    america is soft on crime period
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    Agree X2!
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    they are to busy arresting people for a little weed and sitting on the side of the road looking for speeders to care about real crime
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    Clemmons was a bad seed from the get-go. His accomplice (getaway driver) served only 11 yrs for a double murder...also in Arkansas, and also "commuted" by Huckabee. Once out, Clemmons continued to get into trouble. which isn't really much of a surprise. He's just the worst of a bad bunch of 742(!!!) people, none of whom should have been released. The next Clemmons is already out there, thanks to Governor Mikey. He could have kept them where they belonged....behind bars. And he still wants to be president....good luck!!