Good morning guys. I have a quick question!

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    Last year this time I just got hired at ups in Houston. I worked my full peak season and after it was over they said i was going to be hired back, but I let them know I was moving back to New Orleans. So yesterday after all this time I finally got a call from hr and she let me know that they had a opening for the small hub like 5 mins from my house. She set up the app for me and told me before I come in to the interview monday, make sure I fill it out. So yesterday after I get home I went to the app and it said since I used to work at ups it should take 7 days to check my work history. How long does that take? Since I left on good status she can go in the system and change it so I can finish my app right? I'm thinking the system should still have all of my information? Thanks in advance guys God bless
  2. StopTheAct

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    i dont think its the actually work history she has to check on....
    i think she is waiting on the Managment for the call to put some people on....
    so when they need you.. she got you on standby
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    I got an email less than half an hour after I filled out the application saying that I was approved to continue filling it out. I think they just check your rehire status and don't know if that requires human intervention or not.
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    I'm going to get in trouble for this, but I have to ask. Just where and how does Jesus "save"? I don't really see much concrete evidence of Him doing much of anything. When Marx said "religion is the opiate of the masses", I think he hit the nail on the head. For example, what did He do to help out the 13 soldiers at Ft Hood the other day when a desciple of Allah decided to kill them? Not a whole lot. The "fact" that they are in "Heaven"(if they were believers) may help soothe the families, but I'm guessing most of the victims would prefer to still be here.

    Also, why do religious people insist of spreading the gospel at every opportunity? Isn't it possible to have a conversation without inserting religion into it?

    Thank you. I'll shut-up now and await the verbal assault by the righteous.
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    well, tomorrow is monday . Go to the interview and tell the representative the problem and hopefully she will clear it up right there. You can probably use one of their computers to finish your application so bring your information with you so you can fill out the application from scratch. (you don't know with ups, you may have to fill out the info again)
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    Sorry for the red highlighted text. I didn't mean to come off as the very Lord that you are mocking, LOL. I just thought that you wanted a reasonable answer to your questions and though I didn't go into a whole sermon, I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying. Not all "religious" people want to cram a Bible down the non-religious throat, but they don't want to see them continue traveling down the "wrong" road, either.

    MrFedEx, just because someone doesn't believe as you do, whether is be in religion, philosophy, politics, morals or in any other way, it doesn't make them less of a person than yourself. Thanks for listening and again, pardon the bold/red highlighting, as I was just trying to differentiate what was written by you and myself.
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    WOW Steve. I don't think I have ever heard you be soooo ......... adamant. Good for you. :happy2:
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    Anyone can believe anything they want...that isn't my point. My point is that overtly religious people wear it on their sleeve and attempt to "witness" to others through such actions. Can you imagine what would happen if I signed my posts with a passage from the Koran and then had Allah bless you? What if I were a Pagan or some other form of outlier religion and did the same? My interest lies in why Christians (or any other religion) insist on doing this.

    While I certainly acknowledge jesus_saves right to believe whatever he or she does, why insist on exporting it? It's already obvious from the username that they are Christian...why use this forum as a way to preach the gospel?

    IMO religion is a highly personal matter that doesn't belong in a general discussion. It's kind of like the separation of church and state. Believe however you wish, but keep it to yourself. And jesus_saves, I am not trying to make this personal, but why do born agains have to insert religion into every conversation? I really am curious as to why this is so.

    By the way, thanks for the outpouring of religious righteousness, which I expected and also proved my original prediction.
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    Two simple words--God bless--and you go off on that tangent?!
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    He said God bless at the end of his post,thats it. So what?! Get off the guys back,quit using HIS thread to post your views,and go start your own religious discussion in a more appropriate section of BC.

    Here,started it for you.
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    Like the Fedex forum.................:wink2:
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    Does the same go for politics?

    I thought I explained the why's in my last post. Why not just re-read it a few times and you can quote it to your friends that believe as you do.

    Your posts read as though you have issues mainly with "Christians". I'm sure there are more than enough "Christians" in this forum that would love to answer any of your questions, but why hi-jack someone's thread about rehiring at UPS to solve your "religious" problem. Take Cach's advice and start a new thread.

    Sorry for the hi-jack J_S. We spoke about this during the year and I think it would be a great thing for you to get back in at UPS. You'll at least get some benefits to cover your family, even if it does tak a year to get them. I would do like someone else said and go to the building and give them a face to go with your name. You can finish the process there. Good luck.......ahem, I mean, peace be with you my brotha.:wink2:
  13. dilligaf

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    Cache started a thread just for MFE.:happy-very:
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    May Allah bless each and every one of you and may you live in the peace that is Islam. Allah is GREAT!!!

  15. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    you might wanna ask satan for help getting into UPS,, hell and UPS have alot in common
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    why are you ****in up this guys post..... you wanna talk jesus.. start your own Thread!!!
    i do feel you and understand.. but there is a proper place to post this!!!
  17. pickup

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    put it in the "are upssocks and tieguy the same guy" thread, it's" a come as you are" over there
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    Here's what I do know about Islam, which as far as any American should be concerned, is all I need to know, that is, until I travel outside these borders. Islam is a religion that is practiced by non-English speaking foreigners. I think it's evil which is why nobody in Hawaii believes in it. Followers of Islam build bazookas and Russian built AK-47's. Also, followers of Islam are confined to a specific region, mainly Iraq, and the city of Fallujah. If you believe in Islam outside of this region you will be beheaded. No, that's wrong, they chop off your right hand. Islam is a country. If you are not from Islam and you go there you will be beheaded.

    Islam was a man. His name was Mohammed. His god was Allah. Mohammed is a god and so was Allah. Something like that. I've got it straight now, at some point in time there was a man named Mohammed in the Middle East.

    If you are from the Islam, you must hate America which is to say, all white people. I think that qualifies as a Holy War.

    People from the country of Islam do not build things, they blow them up. Also people from the country of Islam will all burn in hell because Jesus says so. You cannot get a passport to Islam because your plane will be hijacked and blown up in the name of Gandhi. :peaceful:
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    thanks for clearing that up raw
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    That's pretty much my take on it too.