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    So I was doing one of those lovely DIAD training exercises the other morning.. I am guessing the other drivers here on BC probably did the same one. Or maybe they do different ones at different times in different regions, I don't know..

    But anyway in one of them it talked about that if you come up on an accident that you should not stop to assist but should continue on to a safe location then you can stop and call for help.

    So if I see an accident happen in front of me on the highway I should leave the scene? I can see that on a YouTube video! (Caption: "UPS truck drives around carnage, continues with deliveries!")

    Last time I had this happen to me I was driving back to center from town about 40 miles out. I'm coming back on our one freeway in a light snow. A car about a quarter mile in front of me starts fishtailing and ends up spinning into the snowy median. No other vehicle was involved.

    I pulled over and put the hazards on and went to the car. The elderly couple inside were both seatbelted and both were shaken but uninjured. The car was hopelessly stuck in the snow. The driver was already on his cell calling for help when I got to the car. He thanked me for stopping but said help was on the way and they were fine. So I continued on to the center.

    I can't imagine driving on without stopping after watching them spin out. Thoughts?
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    I will always stop and/or notify the authorities. I have lost count of how many accidents I have called in to our local police.
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    packages first people last.
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    You create a liability when you stop to help someone by putting yourself and the vehicle in possiable danger. We have HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operators)units here in Ga who's sole job is to do the out of gas, flat tire, ran off the road, stalled out car calls the police get overwhelmed with. These units are brightly colored and have tons of lights on them. Unfortunately one of them died last year helping someone on the side of a highway.

    People on cell phones, eating, doing makup, ect are some of the reasons why we don't stop. I don't even want to get into the issue if you tried to help someone and they turn around and sue UPS or you personally because of whatever reason they feel you caused more harm than good.
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    i think it just means to not stop on the spot, which may be dangerous, and to make your priority finding a safe parking location first

    pretty much common sense; can't help anyone if you become a casualty yourself
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    Jackburton, most states have Good Samaritan laws to protect those who stop and try to provide first aid.
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    Your first responsibility is to not make an already bad situation even worse by parking in an unsafe location.
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    If I'm going 40 mph on the Interstate and a car flies by me and ends up in the ditch, I'll honk and wave when I drive by.
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    The OP mentioned accident not flat tire or a car with a hood up. Find a safe place to pull over, yes. But stop. Easy way to get this right in the head is to think what you'd like your coworker to do if it was your family.
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    ^^^This for me as well.
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    I hear you guys, but I understand what brownmonster is saying, too. I have seen the idiots on the road. I just waited in line for one last week. This spot(Onondaga Bridge) is famous for being icy, and the warning lights were flashing on the bridge. I am not saying this person deserved to be hurt, but I have seen them driving like idiots. I am amazed sometimes.

    Yes, I would stop.

    I enlarged this on my phone and retook the picture, so to get a close-up.
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    I also would stop. Treat others as if it were u. Have been asked by police friends to call them for suspicious activities or reckless driving also.
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    Might be a pretty little pkg in the car.