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  1. warning letter for a miss delivery resi. right next door yesterday, then after starting us 20 mins. later and i had 2 late I get a 3 day
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    Remember those upgrades Rome wasn't built in a day. Pm me if you need some thoughts.
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    Id like to help but Im afraid I cant understand what the heck was just said
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    Being human, I have actually made one or two miss deliveries being off one house over the years. I have even got a warning letter for it one time. It seldom happens though. If you leave the building late and are over dispatched with NDA, you shouldn't be disciplined for it if you ran all NDA first. File and get paid for sitting at home for three days. Take your hour lunch and quit doing them favors.
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    scratch is right on money...this sounds like every superstar runner story...also make sure you take off clerk work,close your bulkhead door,wear your seatbelt-and dont roll thru stop signs---no i dont know you...but you all do the same thing and ups knows this----they will follow you and bring you in for return--they will scare you to do more...fix yourself
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    Just saw a greenhorn with bulkhead open this week. Stupid mistake that can cause a lot of grief. Luckily, no one was watching him(except me). Hopefully he listened when I told him.
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    Was he on a main road with his bulkhead open? I mean, either way it should ALWAYS be closed :lol: , but if you ever do ride around with it open it should only be back tucked away in your resi sections. Although with telematics on its way in, that will soon change.
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    He was delivering to a complex. He was inside, I was upstairs looking out a window.( I was at therapy) I stayed in window til he got back to truck. I text him and rode him pretty good.:laughing:
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    The best lessons in life are those learned the hard way.

    The amount of time saved by leaving the bulkhead door open is miniscule. You are only asking for trouble.

    Boy, it's a good thing you were there.
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    So we have to know. Did you deliver any grounds before your late airs?
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    Be grateful that you do not have to try and justify your pathetic "career" at UPS by generating a weekly quota of bogus warning letters from behind a desk. At least you can go home at the end of the day and look in the mirror and know that you accomplished something meaningful and worthwhile with your hard work. There really are a lot of advantages to being a mere grunt.
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    The other day I had a new preloader and by noon I had found and called in 5 Next Day Air misloads for a city about 18 miles away from my route. I was told at the time that we were shorthanded and that I would probably have to sheet them as missed and bring them back.

    The current "flavor of the week" on my center is eliminating over 9.5 days, so when they found out that I was going to be over 9.5 they instructed me to meet with a driver who had gotten done early and give him enough work to get me in under 9.5. I reminded them that I still had the 5 NDA misloads on car, and told them that I was going to give those misloads to the other driver since he had time to take work off of me.

    I was told to sheet the NDA's as missed and bring them back, and to go ahead and give the other driver enough stops to keep me under 9.5.

    This really :censored2: me off, and I told them so with no shortage of foul language thru the DIAD. As a steward, I have had to sit in on disciplinary meetings with drivers who were being issued warning letters for delivering a NDA letter 2 or 3 minutes late. Inevitably when such letters are issued they are accompanied by a self-righteous, sanctimonious lecture about "the importance of service to the customer". Yet in this case, with not one but five Next Day Air packages at stake, the decision was being made to stiff those customers even though help was available to make service on them. And this was happening for the simple reason that, as misloads, the service failures could be blamed on preload and would not make the center look bad on a report. In other words......"service" only matters if we cannot shift the blame to another part of the operation.

    I told the center manager that I would go ahead and work as instructed but that I would also be documenting the incident and reminding him of it during any future instances where I was representing a driver facing discipline over NDA service failures. Upon hearing this, he had a miraculous "change of heart" and instructed me to go ahead and give the misloads to the other driver so that he could make service on them.:wink2: Its funny how that works!
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    I hope you still document for future reference.
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    You are right, that is pretty two-faced.
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    And also pretty funny
  16. I can honestly say that i can do 20-22 stops an hr. with my bulkhead door shut, pulling my mirror , using 4 ways, pulling e brake, 3 pts. contact. I stop at all lights, and signs. if possible i will take a short cut instead of sitting at the light. thats the old me now I dont tske short cuts i run all air and not both so my stops r 15 by 1030 not 25 35 and thats y they r picking at me, for sing there methods.
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    It's hard to understand your chicken scratch but if you did run only air a good steward will make short work of a warning letter. Don't worry about it.