Goodbye DC-8

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    UPS announced today during our quarterly earnings report that we will accelerate the retirement of our DC-8 fleet. The fleet will be retired by the end of May 2009.

    UPS has planned for several years to retire the DC-8 by 2013 as part of the Airline’s ongoing fleet modernization strategy. Given reduced air volume, we are flying a more optimized network and are thus able to accelerate this fleet’s planned retirement. The acceleration of the DC-8 fleet retirement has no negative impact on our customers, our geographic service areas, or our product service levels.
    The DC-8 was the last UPS fleet-type to operate with a three-person crew. The retirement of the DC-8 will result the loss of the flight engineer position in our workforce. Under FAA regulations, approximately 40 UPS flight engineers will be ineligible to transition to a captain or first officer crewmember position in our remaining fleet. As such these pilots will go on an inactive status.

    Overall, UPS has approximately 270 crewmembers assigned to the DC-8 fleet. The absence of the DC-8 will add to our flight crew overstaffing situation. As such, we are continuing to explore options regarding this overstaffing.

    Just another excuse for more layoffs in the aircraft maintenance dept.
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    Mech I understand that standpoint, but thats in up in the air, we know atleast 40 engineers will be layed off because of this and quite possibly another 230, that should be the primary focus of this discussion
  3. Yeah - this whole global recession thing is just an illusion created by UPS management so they can screw aircraft mechanics. It took years to devise and implement this plan but now that it is fully implemented it is proving to be pure brilliance!
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    I think that's what Mech is talking about.
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    Now that's funny ... my wife is giving that look I get when I laugh and chuckle for no apparent reason.
    For some reason this struck me as really funny.
    Thanks for the amusement tellitstraight.
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  6. On a serious note there were no aircraft maint furloughs announced due to the retirement of the DC8. This is primarily going to affect the pilots. There are 40 flight engineers that are over 65 or are "professional flight engineers" so they cannot fly as FO or Capt - they will be out of a job the end of May. There are an additional 240 Pilots that will be bidding to other aircraft. The issue is we don't need 240 Pilots on the other aircraft so the potential for a Pilot furlough is very real if the company and the IPA don't figure something out.
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    Is there a secret site that spouses go to and learn these specific behaviors in response to Brown Cafe?

    I am starting to think my husband sneaks to this unknown site to seek support. I have become a morning before work, right after work and before bedtime BC checker.

    I feel he is planning an intervention before I fall into deep BC dependence.
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    You ain't the only one, sistah.

    Does this mean that Pilots will be bumped back down to the preload? Will be sorta funny to see them, with their Pilot hat, sorting, unloading and loading pkgs.:wink2:
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    I'm thinking that since 767mech started the thread he gets to decide the primary focus of the discussion. You may or may not agree but....hehe...
    " it is what it is"
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    I know of one DC8 pilot that will be taking off for a little while. I deliver to a lady pilot that is in the first few months of pregnancy, so she will be hanging around the house for a few months. You can't make the announcement "Is there a doctor on board?"on a cargo plane. I know she used to fly DC8s, but she may have moved up to the 757 or 767.
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    I really do take a lot of pictures.:happy-very:

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    The DC-8 is a classic airliner. CUL8R
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    Well I first worked on UPS owned DC-8-73s in 1986. Wow things have changed.
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    A great airplane. Sadly, the era of the 4-engine narrow body is just about over. When FedEx took over Flying Tigers back in 1989 they inherited their fleet and were promptly sold, which was probably a mistake since they were paid for and held a lot of cans. The Tigers 8's were quick-change aircraft, that could also be used for passenger charters. A lot of soldiers flew to Vietnam on them.

    It's pretty amazing that a plane designed in the 1950's is still around in the 21st century. I'm guessing they'll be parked in the desert for awhile and may just get scrapped given the current economy.
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    The DC-8 is an outstanding aircraft, evidenced by its long service. First as a passenger aircraft, then as a freighter. I believe Northwest/Delta is in the process of retiring their DC-9s. A nearly 40 year history of service. How many aircraft make it to that? I'll bet not many. -Rocky
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    More then you think, Im betting
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    Probably. I think you might have missed my point. But that's OK. -Rocky
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    I was surprised that we had them painted with the new livery! It was a great cargo jet but it wont be missed by ramp load/unload crews!

    An interesting video...
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    There is an example of an excellent pilot in action. He carried extra speed on the approach and instantly went around as soon as things started to look bad. A true professional.
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    Talk about pucker factor...