GOP House Whip Eric Cantor and John Stewart

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Cantor is pretty much of a tool, which makes him pretty much like everyone else in congress these days. I've never understood why anyone would buy a book written by a politician.
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    It is a way to get around all the donation limitations. Most of the books are bought by one or more organizations that want to buy influence but are limited by the laws.

    OK wkmac, see if you can be more cynical than that.
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    OK, just for giggles.

    The politician who wrote the book uses a publisher secretly owned by his political party and the organizations can also feed funds directly to the political parties as well! Also they sell larger quantities of books to off shore entities who are covert operations that launder drug money for the CIA.

    Whata ya think?

    I mean if we're gonna get really cynical, we might as well have enough fun to get a laugh from it!

    And taking a cue from John Stewart's point that we 1) have no real difference between the 2 parties and 2) there really is no true free market, interesting economic/political article from the American Conservative.
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    Sadly, I could easily be persuaded that the above is true.