GOP Presidents Have Been the Worst Contributors to the Federal Debt

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Returntosender, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I have often thought that the main contributing factor to National government expenditures is the changing of parties in control.
    One party spends money on their priorities without removing the previous parties spending.
    I doubt that it can be untangled to really understanding which party is the worse.
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    How about Congressional spending?
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    I dunno about that. Obama(a democrat) has taken on more debt than every President from Washington up to George W. Bush. I would say the democrats take the cake when it comes to overspending.
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    That 'fact" is misleading because the debt has not been adjusted to today's dollars.
    A dollar in Washington's time was worth more than Lincoln's and even more than Roosevelt's.
    Regardless, Obama has accumulated much too much debt.
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    It would be interesting to see such an analysis. $6 trillion is a lot of debt in 4 years, and that is a lot of money regardless of its real value.
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    GEESH.... do you just believe everything the GOP has to sell or do you think for yourself?

    Under REAGAN, in 8 years he tallied up 3.7 trillion dollars in debt, at that time, it was more than all the presidents from washington to carter COMBINED. REAGAN was the first to surpass the TRILLION dollar mark as NO PRESIDENT before him EVER exceeded a trillion dollars in debt.

    Then GH BUSH made it worse until he RAISED TAXES and cut his deficit.

    GW BUSH then took the national debt to 10.8 trillion dollars on his last day in office and THAT MY friend was more than all the presidents combined before him from washington to Clinton.

    When OBAMA took office in january 2009 he already INHERITED the largest deficit in HISTORY with 10.8 trillion dollars in debt which was about to get worse as the country faltered. Spending was necessary to save the country and even ROMNEY SUPPORTED IT!

    Romney on Orielly opposing stimulus first....then supporting it.. in the next video...
    Mitt Romney on Obama's Spending Stimulus Plan - YouTube

    Romney agreeing with OBAMAs TARP bailout..

    Mitt Romney on Bank Bailout: "Right Thing To Do" - YouTube

    Your candidate cannot decide which side of the issue he is standing on unless its in the script.

    OBAMA spent 5.8 trillion dollars to save the country and the majority of americans know it. You cant inherit the worse economy since the great depression and the HIGHEST deficit in recorded history from BUSH without having to spend trillions to save the nation.

    If you want to be accurate, then you have to say OBAMA inherited the highest deficit in modern history and ADDED to it but since has trimmed goverment spending to levels below current history.

    In 2009, bush left a 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit on the desk as he walked out the door.

    I know this information is not helpful to your argument, but its history bro.


  8. moreluck

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    Obama has spent $0 and the deficit has grownfrom $10 T. to $16 T. just while he jhas been president. Immaculate Consumption ??????

    You are in De-Nile !!!!
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    How can you possibly still complain about the Bush tax cuts ???

    Here we are almost four years later and they still exist !!!!

    Obama could have easily changed them the first two years and even when the Dems lost the house --Obama still did not work very hard to get them repealed ---in fact here wants most of them to stay forever !!!!! The entire Middle class cuts.
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    so with your analogy Reagan ran up the debt to fix what mess he inherited from Carter? ok thanks just making that clear...Hey just blame BUSH he's the president right now...this Obama guy is just a made up character.
  11. MenInBrown

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    What a politician Obama know that would have def doomed a reelection.
  12. Returntosender

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    [video=youtube;t2RaWWW0eyE] F7A8&feature=results_video[/video]
  13. The Other Side

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    Island, im not sure if you clearly understand how the bush tax cuts work, but ill try to help you out...

    In 2001, bush cut the top tax rates to 35% creating an INSTANT 3.5 trillion dollar hole into the deficit because they were not PAID for by offsets like cutting spending or elimination of programs.. those TAX CUTS were spread over 10 YEARS....

    10 YEARS Island... Bush was in office for 8 years. Thats TWO YEARS longer than he was in office....then, if that wasnt bad enough, the tax cuts were planned to expire during the mid term cycle for the house and the GOP ran on a platform of EXTENDING those cuts for TWO MORE YEARS but spreading the cost of those CUTS for 7 more years.

    Thats 17 YEARS of deficit Spending Island...

    Now, you know full well bush held office for 8 years, but his 17 YEARS of deficit growing tax cuts extend long past his term in office.

    Who should we blame for that???

    Obama in 2010 wanted congress to pass only an extension of the middle class portion of the bush tax cuts, but the GOP in the HOUSE wouldnt agree to such a thing.

    Lord knows the plan was to GROW the deficit and HIDE behind "job growth" and "job creators" and then blame OBAMA for growing the deficit, and to some extent ( like people like you) you overlook these facts and simply blame the black guy for wreckless spending.

    For 8 years, the BUSH tax cuts FAILED to stimulate the economy, grow jobs or cut the deficit, instead they did the complete reverse. 11 million jobs lost, 10.8 trillion in debt, two wars unpaid, prescription drug bill worth almost a trillion dollars unpaid and no bid contracts to the military and subcontractors who ripped off the american tax payer and NONE OF YOU said a thing while it was happening.

    I did, and so did Klien, Mr Fedex, Diesel and a few others. We were right and YOU ALL were wrong on the GOP's wreckless spending in peacetime.

    Now, its a different picture. OBAMA walks into two wars, the middle east on fire, the trade deficit exploding, the economy crashing, wall street collapsing, the housing market seeing the first signs of time bombs set during the bush term and a country in crisis.

    Why wont you admit this??

    Why wont you say president OBAMA inherited the worse economy since the great depression and has helped to stop the country from going into a depression, and slowly is making its way back with what he has to work with??

    2% growth isnt HUGE, but its better than the negative GDP BUSH had to two years. It simply ridiculous to believe growth could be any greater given the fact that manufacturing to GDP was only at 9% when OBAMA took office.

    It was in the high 50% when FDR took over, it was at 41% when REAGAN took over and it was at 9% when OBAMA took over...

    Of the three presidents, which ones had a better chance to turn the country around by stimulating growth??

    The answer is simple, FDR, then Reagan then Obama. OBAMA has the least chance of success because we dont make anything anymore and without manufacturing in this country, we CANT PUT PEOPLE TO WORK.

    The GOP has done everything it could to turn this country into a consumption nation and a service provider employer based economy.

    This isnt going to make the country better.


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    No, nobody but you UNDERSTANDS.......that's your M.O. alright!!!
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    So we just blame the black guy for reckless spending because he is president when the spending is the most in history, but you being a racist thinks that its ok to blame the white president??? You also claim that Obamas spending was to get us out of the mess he inherited. Sooooo I guess you cant blame Reagan because of the mess Carter left him and cant blame Bush because of the mess Bill Clinton left him right...Im just saying, thats just using your words. And if the Bush tax cuts, correction, after the first 2 years of Obamas term they became the Obama tax cuts, were soooooo bad, why didnt Obama get rid of them???
  16. moreluck

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    Obama covers both bases....he's like the black & white cookie!!!
  17. MenInBrown

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    the oreo?
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    Don't bring up his white half. TOS hates whites.
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    I have Polish heritage, are we now calling TOS a Nazi?


    (Obviously I'm not that serious)
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    He's probably the equivalent to an albino polar bear.